Fujitsu to Combat 5G+ Network Complexities with AI

Fujitsu announces Virtuora IA, a collection of AI-powered network applications that used machine learning models to improve mobile network performance

In the fast-moving climate of digital transformation, 5G is continually being used as a solution to improve bandwidth and expand use cases for AI and the Internet of Things (IoT).

With this in mind, Fujitsu Network Communications announces Virtuora IA. These are network applications powered by AI that use network-focused machine learning models and telecommunications expertise. The applications are designed to improve mobile network operators’ (MNOs) network performance by making their operations more efficient.

The use of neural networking modelling aims to provide more practical network optimisation benefits that aim to offer a competitive advantage in the current 5G market.

Streamlining complex network operations

There is plenty of increased pressure from customers and business leaders to reduce operations costs and to tackle ever-expanding network complexities. As a result, MNOs are requiring new tools to minimise total cost of ownership (TCO).

As a result, Fujitsu is utilising AI to allow MNOs to streamline complex network operations, improve performance and service speed, in addition to reducing costs. The end goal is to generate additional revenue streams for operators and boost workplace productivity - use cases where AI has already been successful for other businesses.

Fujitsu is aiming to leverage neural network modelling with pre-trained machine learning models to power network applications with AI. With a software architecture that is compatible with large language model (LLM) technology and generative AI (Gen AI), the applications are able to offer continuous learning and self-healing multi-vendor networks.

This allows greater network automation to reduce problem resolution times, eliminate repetitive tasks and enable operations to make more accurate decisions.

The company has already been very active in AI development, having partnered with RIKEN towards the end of 2023 to develop AI-based healthcare solutions. The company offers a range of AI-led solutions for industries such as healthcare and fintech, with the Fujitsu AI platform enabling users to quickly test advanced technologies and improve positive outcomes.

Improving efficiency with machine learning

The new network applications are also able to help MNOs investigate network problems and service disruptions. Virtuora IA applies real-time inference to develop precise analysis of problems, creating multi-vendor and multi-domain machine learning models that use a neural network to provide network insights.

Given that the models can adapt to changing network behaviour, they can enable faster solutions and fixes for network issues or anomalies.

“Our innovative new AI-powered network applications are part of an expanding portfolio of intelligent software solutions designed to help network operators realise light-touch operations for greater agility, lower TCO and unrivalled performance,” says Greg Manganello, Senior Vice President of the Network Software and Integration Business Unit at Fujitsu. 

“We have combined decades of network operations experience with our extensive AI research to deliver immediate business value within a trusted multi-vendor network management ecosystem.”

Fujitsu is delivering a range of AI-powered applications focused on power savings and network optimisation. They are at MWC Barcelona 2024 between 26-29th February 2024.


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