Why Businesses are Building AI Strategy on Amazon Bedrock

AWS partners such as Accenture, Delta Air Lines, Intuit, Salesforce, Siemens, Toyota & United Airlines are using Amazon Bedrock to build and deploy Gen AI

As generative AI (Gen AI) continues to take the world by storm, businesses across industries are racing to capitalise on the transformative potential of this technology. Amazon is positioning itself as a key player in shaping the future of this transformative technology, with CEO Andy Jassy claiming recently that much of this “world-changing AI” will be built on top of AWS.

Key to this AI revolution is Amazon Bedrock, a powerful service that provides the foundation for enterprises to build and scale secure, cutting-edge generative AI applications.

Amazon Bedrock has emerged as a go-to platform for AI innovation, attracting tens of thousands of customers ranging from startups to global corporations and government institutions, and offering access to the industry's leading foundation models from AI giants like Anthropic, Cohere, Meta – now including its latest Llama 3 model – and Amazon itself.

“Amazon Bedrock is experiencing explosive growth, with tens of thousands of organisations of all sizes and across all industries choosing it as the foundation for their generative AI strategy because they can use it to move from experimentation to production more quickly and easily than anywhere else,” said Dr Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of AI and Data at AWS. “Customers are excited by Amazon Bedrock because it offers enterprise-grade security and privacy, wide choice of leading foundation models, and the easiest way to build generative AI applications. With today’s announcements, we continue to innovate rapidly for our customers by doubling-down on our commitment to provide them with the most comprehensive set of capabilities and choice of industry-leading models, further democratising generative AI innovation at scale.”

Amazon Bedrock announcements: Custom Model Import, Model Evaluation and Guardrails 

One of the key advantages of Amazon Bedrock is its ability to streamline the process of bringing proprietary models onto the platform. With the new Custom Model Import capability, businesses can easily integrate their own models into Amazon Bedrock, leveraging its robust infrastructure and advanced features to supercharge their AI applications.

Meanwhile, Amazon Bedrock's new Model Evaluation capability simplifies the process of identifying the best model for specific use cases. Customers can quickly evaluate and compare a wide range of fully managed models, including the latest offerings from Cohere, Meta and Amazon's own cutting-edge Titan Text Embeddings V2.

Amazon has also announced that Guardrails for Amazon Bedrock is now generally available, offering what it calls industry-leading safety protection on top of the native capabilities of foundation models, helping customers block up to 85% of harmful content. Guardrails, Amazon says, is the only solution offered by a top cloud provider that allows customers to have built-in and custom safeguards in a single offering, and it works with all large language models (LLMs) in Amazon Bedrock, as well as fine-tuned models.

Tens of thousands of customers choose Amazon as the foundation to build and scale Gen AI applications

Industry giants like the New York Stock Exchange, Ryanair and Netsmart are already leveraging Amazon Bedrock's capabilities to drive innovation, increase productivity, and create exceptional user experiences. The NYSE is using Amazon Bedrock to process complex regulations and provide easy-to-understand summaries, while Ryanair is empowering its crew with instant access to country-specific regulations and manual excerpts.

Salesforce, which sees AI as an integral part of its commitment to help customers deliver personalised experiences across their Salesforce applications, treats Amazon Bedrock as a key part of its open ecosystem to AI models.

“As we integrate generative AI and enable customers to deliver grounded AI on their unified data, we want to evaluate all possible foundation models to ensure the ones we choose are the right fit for our customers’ needs,” says Kaushal Kurapati, SVP of AI Products at Salesforce. “Amazon Bedrock is a key part of our open ecosystem approach to models, and this new model evaluation capability has the potential to expedite how we compare and select models, with both automated and human evaluation options. Now, not only will we be able to assess the model on straightforward criteria, but also more qualitative criteria like friendliness, style, and brand relevance. With the enhanced productivity that the capability promises, operationalising models for our customers will be easier and faster than ever.”

According to the Chief AI Officer at leading global professional services company Accenture, Lan Guan, the new facilities in Bedrock will help boost its foundation model services. 

“Our clients work with Accenture for our AI expertise to solve their core business challenges and drive growth, with enterprise-grade scale and resilience,” he says. “The new Amazon Bedrock capabilities, including Guardrails and Model Evaluation, along with the latest Amazon Titan models, will help boost our flagship foundation model services and accelerate the development of our joint client’s powerful generative AI applications, at a more rapid pace. With more model choice, Amazon Bedrock provides clients with greater flexibility to meet different demands across an organization. The new features also provide additional capabilities for our clients to enable responsible AI, which creates long-term value and builds trust.”


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