Anthropic Claude AI Chatbot is Now Available as an iOS app

Anthropic launches an iOS app for Claude AI Chatbot to bring conversational AI to the iPhone, in addition to its new Team Plan for enterprise AI users

Anthropic’s Claude AI chatbot is now available in iOS app format and is available for free download on the Apple app store.

The new app has vision capabilities that allow users to use photos from their library, take new pictures, or upload files for real-time image analysis, contextual understanding and mobile use cases.

The Claude iOS app is available to download for free for all Claude users and offers the same intuitive experience as mobile web. These features include syncing the user’s chat history and support for taking and uploading photos.

“Claude is designed to help individuals—and now teams—harness the power of the industry’s most advanced AI models,” Anthropic says in its announcement. “Whether you need a partner for deep work, a knowledgeable expert, a creative collaborator, or an assistant that’s available instantly, Claude augments every employee's capabilities and enables businesses to achieve new levels of productivity to drive better results.”

Making the AI experience more accessible

This news comes shortly after Anthropic announced Claude 3, its most powerful AI chatbot to-date.

Claude 3 comes with a range of features such as being able to answer more questions, understand longer instructions and therefore be more accurate. Given that family of models is able to understand more context, Anthropic highlighted at the time that this meant they could process more information.

With the new iOS app, Anthropic has stated that users can access Claude from anywhere at any time. It aims to streamline the AI process for users if they are on the go and need a quick answer from their mobile device.

Claude iOS app (Image: Anthropic)

The AI startup has stated that they will be releasing collaboration features in the coming weeks to facilitate greater enterprise AI, whilst maintaining high standards of security and safety.

Some of the Claude iOS app features include:
  • Seamless synching with web chats
  • Vision capabilities, including real-time image analysis
  • Open access - users on any plan can download the Claude app for free

The company is particularly committed to responsible AI development and has undergone plenty of research into the risks associated with enterprise chatbot use. It is also one of the organisations belonging to the Frontier Model Forum to ensure that AI models are being developed safely.

Team Plan: Redefining enterprise AI

In addition to the iOS app, Anthropic has also launched its new Team Plan for businesses that want to collaborate with Claude on a wide variety of enterprise-led tasks, including deep work and research.

As part of the plan, Anthropic is offering increased usage per user so that every teammate can get what they need from Claude. This includes access to the entire Claude 3 model family, including Opus, Sonnet and Haiku, depending on business needs.

Team plan also offers a 200K context window for processing long documents, discussing complex topics and maintaining multi-step conversations. It is also designed to streamline enterprise use of AI, with users able to better manage access and billing in a centralised place and offer priority during high-traffic periods.

Team Plan (Image: Anthropic)

Pricing for the Team Plan starts at US$30 per user per month.

These new innovations are part of Anthropic’s commitment to prioritising the advancement of humanity at the centre of its AI creations.

“We had this vision of really training models with humans and safety at the centre,” co-founder Daniela Amodei said in an interview earlier in the year. “I tend to think of Claude as a very eager junior assistant, it’s a tool that really wants to help.”


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