Amazon Q: Empowering Enterprise Productivity with AI

AWS announces the general availability of Amazon Q, its most capable Gen AI assistant for accelerating software development and leveraging enterprise data

Customers and partners of all sizes across multiple industries are using Amazon Q to transform the way their employees complete work.

Amazon Q generates highly accurate code, but also tests, debugs and has multi-step planning and reasoning capabilities. These can transform and implement new code that is generated from developer requests.

The tool is now generally available. In theory, it should make it easier for employees to gain answers to questions concerning business data, including company policies, product information, business results, code base and employees. Amazon Q connects to enterprise data repositories to summarise the data logically, analyse trends and then engages in a dialogue about the data.

The news comes shortly after the tech giant announced updates to Amazon Bedrock, its fully managed service that offers a choice of high-performing foundation models from leading AI companies like AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Meta, Mistral AI, Stability AI and Amazon through a single API.

A data-driven approach to AI

Amazon Q Business is a generative AI (Gen AI)–powered assistant that can answer questions, provide summaries, generate content, and securely complete tasks based on data and information in company systems. It empowers employees to be more creative, data-driven, efficient, prepared, and productive.

Amazon has developed the chatbot for business use. First announced in November 2023, it is based on both Amazon Titan and GPT Gen AI and helps troubleshoot issues in cloud apps or work group chats, in addition to summarising documents.

As of November 2023, it costs US$20 per month.

“Amazon Q is the most capable Gen AI-powered assistant available today with industry-leading accuracy, advanced agents capabilities, and best-in-class security that helps developers become more productive and helps business users to accelerate decision making,” says Dr Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of AI and Data at AWS. 

“We have been amazed at the productivity gains developers and business users have seen. Early indications signal Amazon Q could help our customers’ employees become more than 80% more productive at their jobs; and with the new features we’re planning on introducing in the future, we think this will only continue to grow.”

Some of the leading companies currently utilising Amazon Q include Novacomp, BMW Group and National Australia Bank to complete tasks faster, increase productivity and minimise repetitive actions.

According to Amazon President and CEO Andy Jassy, Amazon Q is designed to enhance business innovation and developer productivity. Currently, developers are spending roughly 70% of their time on repetitive tasks and code - with the new AI tool aiming to cut through these tasks and leverage a company’s internal data.

“On the software development side, Q doesn’t just generate code, it also tests code, debugs coding conflicts, and transforms code from one form to another,” Jassy says. “Q Agents does multi-step planning and reasoning to allow developers to string together multiple requests and have Q implement them.”

Likewise, the company has also introduced a new capability for the tool called Q Apps, which enables employees to describe in natural language what apps they want to build on top of this internal data. Q Apps will then generate the app, which will make it easier for internal teams to gain better use from their own data.

Jassy adds: “Customers are gravitating to Q, and we already see companies like Brightcove, British Telecom, Datadog, GitLab, GoDaddy, National Australia Bank, NCS, Netsmart, Slalom, Smartsheet, Sun Life, Tata Consultancy Services, Toyota and Wiz using Q.

“Very excited about how Q will change what’s possible for our customers, and being a part of helping them innovate more quickly.”


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