AWS finds Enterprise AI Grows Amid Digital Transformation

According to an AWS Report, AI Will Continue to Shape the Global Business Landscape in 2024
A Survey Conducted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) Finds That AI Adoption Continues to Accelerate Across Businesses, but Skills Gap Concerns Persist

The adoption of AI is accelerating, with 85% of employers envisioning their companies becoming AI-driven organisations as soon as 2028.

According to an AWS report, AI will continue to shape the global business landscape in 2024, with 90% of workers surveyed anticipating AI integration into their daily work by 2028.

However, this transformation can only occur if employers prioritise recruiting highly-skilled talent. Whilst employing staff that are competent in AI is a crucial priority among half surveyed, three-quarters are unable to find the workforce that they need - citing an urgent need to bridge the ever-growing digital skills gap.

Turning the introduction of workplace AI into a positive

AWS finds that there is a clear desire for AI skills development, with 7 in 10 employees expressing a want to advance their career. As part of this, AWS found interest in all age brackets surveyed - with over three-quarters of younger employees keen to learn AI skills, in addition to over half of older employees keen as a result of AI improving efficiencies.

Generative AI (Gen AI), if harnessed responsibly, holds incredible potential to revolutionise multiple job sectors. From improving the speed of tasks, to freeing up human resource to focus on more complex tasks, it could enable businesses to achieve their digital goals faster.

AWS continues to work to innovate with Gen AI across multiple key industries to help businesses harness the technology to its full potential. Jeff Johnson, General Manager UK & Ireland at AWS, offers insight by saying: “AI use is on the rise, with the majority of UK employers surveyed envisioning their companies will be AI-driven organisations by 2028. 

“However, currently UK employers struggle to find workers with the right AI skills, and barriers are making it difficult to upskill existing employees. 70% of employees surveyed had an appetite to learn AI skills to enhance work efficiency, boost career opportunities, and increase salaries, but only half of employers surveyed indicated that their organisations provide adequate support for AI skills training. 

He continues: “To help address this, AWS recently launched on-demand, free and low-cost cloud and AI skills training courses as part of our commitment to provide AI skills training to two million people globally by 2025.” 

Recruiting skills workers is a necessity for business development

AWS also finds that, whilst there is an overall positive sentiment towards the impact of AI in the workforce, only half (50%) surveyed indicate that their organisations provide adequate support for AI skills training.

The tech giant highlights that considerable preparation and training will be needed if businesses are to make the most of new technologies. In fact, recent studies have shown that business leaders are indeed concerned that their workforce lacks the necessary skills to make the most of AI, with over half worried about the AI skills of their workforces.

Additionally, YouGov found at the end of 2023 that barely a quarter of industry leaders have a plan in place to recruit skilled talent to implement AI.

Despite plenty of businesses wanting to develop and deploy AI, many also do not have a concrete strategy or end goal in mind. Moving forward, it is paramount that businesses consider the balance between innovation and risk and hold themselves accountable for their digital transformation strategies.


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