Andrew Ng Joins Amazon Board to Support Enterprise AI

In the wake of Andrew Ng being appointed Amazon's Board of Directors, we consider his career from education towards artificial general intelligence (AGI)

Having joined the Amazon Board of Directors last week (April 2024), Andrew Ng will support the company to lead the global enterprise AI race

There is plenty of competition in the big tech world at the moment, particularly with OpenAI’s recent GPT-4 Turbo upgrades to ChatGPT and Microsoft’s new AI hub. Andrew Ng’s appointment signals a commitment by Amazon to have employees with AI knowledge and experience at all levels of the company.

Andrew Ng is a long-term investor and business leader, particularly within the AI sector, with experience at multiple companies including Chinese technology company Baidu and chairman and co-founder at Coursera. 

An AI thought leader: Shaping the future of technology through education

Andrew’s academic and private sector work focuses primarily on developing machine learning and deep learning algorithms and supporting companies developing and adopting AI applications. Amazon is hoping that this perspective will help to inform them on the opportunities and challenges that AI presents, in addition to its social and business potential.

With a deep commitment to AI and machine learning education, Andrew is the Managing General Partner of AI Fund, a venture studio that supports entrepreneurs to build AI companies. He is also the leader of DeepLearning.AI, an education technology company he founded to provide AI training.

In addition, Andrew has founded Landing AI and was the chair and co-founder of Coursera, an open online course provider, until 2014. Alongside his current responsibilities, he is an adjunct professor at Stanford University.

He has authored or co-authored more than 200 research papers on machine learning, robotics and other related fields, offering deep insight into a range of emerging technologies. 

Now globally recognised as an AI leader, he has made significant contributions to the enterprise AI field and has worked on a number of high-profile projects, including the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Robot project and the Google Brain project.

With his extensive AI background, Andrew will help steer Amazon towards greater digital transformation. The company has already made significant AI investments in recent months, having deployed Digit robots by Agility Robotics in some of its warehouses and investing US$4bn in AI start-up Anthropic to develop safe AI.

CEO Andy Jassy shared in a company letter that AI technology could be the next big part of Amazon’s business. 

He wrote that Gen AI may be the largest technological transformation since cloud computing and “perhaps since the internet”.


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