IBM's Salesforce Partnering Shows watsonx's Enterprise Reach

watsonx is IBM's generative AI platform that helps enterprises design and tune LLMs tailored to their operational and business requirements
IBM and Salesforce's expansion of their partnership shows how watsonx’s is making inroads in enterprises across sectors

IBM’s push into GenAI for enterprise use cases with its watsonx platform is heralding great success as it announces an expanded partnership with Salesforce. 

The partnership will bring together IBM watsonx AI and Data Platform capabilities with the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform for greater customer choice and flexibility in AI and data deployment. 

This will empower teams to make data-driven decisions and take actions directly in their flow of work. The expanded relationship spans bidirectional data integration, flexibility in large language models (LLMs), prebuilt actions and prompts for CRM solutions, with a further commitment to responsible AI development.

Since 2024, IBM’s annual strategy has placed AI, governance, and trust at the centre of its roadmap. watsonx is a large part of that strategy, targeting enterprise and generative AI use cases. 

watsonx is their generative AI platform that helps enterprises design and tune LLMs tailored to their operational and business requirements. It comes with tools for tuning LLMs, a data store built on lakehouse architecture, and an AI governance toolkit.

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To accelerate the adoption of generative AI in enterprises, IBM has been on a push to form strategic partnerships with companies and organisations across sectors.

 Alongside the Salesforce expansion, these include:

Tech Mahindra for adoption and governance

IBM and Tech Mahindra are collaborating to help businesses accelerate the adoption of generative AI. Through the collaboration, customers can combine the power of IBM watsonx with Tech Mahindra’s AI consulting and engineering skills to access new Gen AI services. 

This can enable businesses to access trusted data and automate processes. Likewise, customers can also build trustworthy AI models to help mitigate risk and bias.

Wipro to drive enterprise AI adoption

Wipro and IBM expanded their partnership to launch the Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform, aiming to provide easy and secure AI adoption solutions for businesses. This new service will enable clients to fully create enterprise-level AI that can be integrated and customised to best suit their specific needs.

The Wipro Enterprise AI-Ready Platform will leverage IBM's watsonx generative AI capabilities, allowing organisations to build and deploy custom LLMs tailored to their business requirements. Key aspects of this collaboration include:

GSMA for accelerating AI adoption & training

IBM partnered with GSMA, the global organisation representing mobile operators, to launch an AI training initiative aimed at accelerating AI adoption and bridging the skills gap within the telecommunications industry. 

This initiative is part of GSMA's new Advance Series program to build skills, foster innovation, and champion workforce diversity. The AI training program seeks to prepare telecom leaders for the ever-evolving AI era by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to better leverage generative AI technologies. It will leverage IBM's watsonx platform, its AI and data platform, and AI assistants to provide hands-on training and upskilling opportunities.

IBM's watsonx platform, through its strategic partnerships and focus on responsible AI development, is positioning the company as a key player in the enterprise generative AI landscape, with offerings tailored to various industry use cases and governance requirements.


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