Mistral AI & Dassault Systèmes Form Novel LLM Partnership

Dassault Systèmes and Mistral AI offer a glimpse into a future where LLMaaS can offer formidable offering
Dassault Systèmes will bring Mistral AI's LLM on top of its offerings in a rather new concept known as LLMaaS

In a big move for the small startup, AI challenger Mistral AI has joined French software powerhouse Dassault Systèmes in a partnership aimed at delivering cutting-edge, AI-powered solutions to the industrial sector.

The collaboration brings together Dassault Systèmes' expertise in virtual twin experiences and sovereign cloud infrastructure with Mistral AI's advanced Large Language Models (LLMs). 

“This partnership shows our commitment to building a strong technological ecosystem for AI-powered industry-grade solutions,” said Florence Hu-Aubigny, Executive VP R&D, Dassault Systèmes.

This unique combination promises to offer industry-grade solutions that not only harness the power of frontier AI but also ensure the protection of intellectual property—a crucial concern for businesses in the digital age.

Florence Hu-Aubigny is Executive VP R&D at Dassault Systèmes

A new relationship for LLMs

One of the key offerings emerging from this partnership is the "Large Language Models as a Service" (LLMaaS) from OUTSCALE, Dassault Systèmes' cloud subsidiary. 

LLMaaS, like SaaS, means companies can pay to use an external company's LLMs as part of their operations and services they provide their customers.

Applied to Dassault Systèmes, this means they continue to offer their digital twins technology, but now augmented by AI, to extend and improve real-world operations.

Currently, concerns about outsourcing with AI models are acting as a stumbling block for some businesses incorporating AI into their operations more broadly, as leaks or proprietary information going to train a model could represent a real risk. 

Companies like OpenAI have went to length to address this, by releasing enterprise versions of their famous ChatGPT in ways to sooth concerns over privacy. 

This partnership with Mistral AI will give customers access to the enterprise grade LLMs while adhering to the highest security and compliance standards, including the stringent SecNumCloud certification.

“We are delighted to forge this partnership with Dassault Systèmes, reaffirming our shared commitment to the high performance, efficiency, security, and privacy of generative artificial intelligence for all,” said Arthur Mensch, CEO and co-founder of Mistral AI. 

AI’s industrial application

These AI-driven tools now available allow a unique combination of scientific modelling, simulation and AI, including LLMs, in a sovereign environment with OUTSCALE.

This could therefore unlock and assist in navigating vast universes of industry knowledge and know-how in seconds, potentially revolutionising how businesses interact with their data. 

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For Dassault Systèmes 350,000 customers, this could mean elevating enormous data patrimonies to drive innovation and sustainable practices, a now crucial policy in the face of ESG requirements. 

As industries worldwide grapple with the challenges of digital transformation and sustainability, this partnership between Dassault Systèmes and Mistral AI offers a glimpse into a future where LLMaaS become a formidable, but secure way, for companies not directly involved in the creation or management of LLMs to still reap the benefits. 


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