IBM and Tech Mahindra Seek to Power Up Gen AI Adoption

Tech Mahindra customers can now harness the power of IBM watsonx to access various new Gen AI frameworks
Both tech giants are partnering to harness the power of IBM's watsonx to help enterprises accelerate Gen AI adoption and offer new governance capabilities

IBM and Tech Mahindra announce a collaboration to help businesses responsibly accelerate the adoption of generative AI (Gen AI) across their organisations.

Tech Mahindra’s AI suit offerings and solutions will be integrated into IBM watsonx, the company’s AI and data platform, with AI assistants to bring new Gen AI and governance offerings to enterprises.

Through the collaboration, customers can combine the power of IBM watsonx with Tech Mahindra’s AI consulting and engineering skills to access new Gen AI services. This can enable businesses to access trusted data and automate processes. Likewise, customers can also build trustworthy AI models to help mitigate risk and bias.

Reimagining enterprise AI

During a time of mass Gen AI adoption across the global business landscape, organisations are having to consider new and improved ways to harness the technology to remain competitive. Both IBM and Tech Mahindra have been committed to these efforts, ensuring that they continue to evolve their AI technology to keep pace.

Tech Mahindra customers can now harness the power of IBM watsonx to access various new Gen AI frameworks and solutions architectures. This seeks to help provide a foundation for building responsible AI, in addition to promoting scalable adoption of AI across hybrid cloud and on-premises environments.

“Organisations are now seeking to implement responsible AI practices while concurrently revitalising enterprises by integrating Gen AI technology,” says Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer, Tech Mahindra. “Our work with IBM can help advance digital transformation for organisations, adoption of Gen AI, modernisation and ultimately foster business growth for our global customers.” 

To help customers advance their AI business capabilities, Tech Mahindra has a virtual watsonx Centre of Excellence (CoE) already in operation. The CoE serves as a co-innovation centre and boasts a specialised team dedicated to optimising the partnership, developing unique offerings and solutions based on their strengths.

These collaborative offerings and solutions could help enterprises accomplish goals to build machine learning models using open-source frameworks, while also enabling them to scale and accelerate the impact of Gen AI. As a result, organisations could boost their productivity and become more efficient moving forward. 

Unlocking new market opportunities

IBM and Tech Mahindra have a strong relationship that spans more than two decades, with dedicated CoEs and co-invested labs. Tech Mahindra’s initiatives on IBM Cloud, Watson IoT, security and blockchain has enabled the company to deliver greater innovative value to its customers.

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Likewise, the partnership has seen both companies advancing hybrid cloud solutions harnessing the power of AI. As part of this relationship, they are continuing to address complex business challenges across industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing, financial services, insurance, retail and healthcare.

“Our work with Tech Mahindra is expected to expand the reach of watsonx, allowing even more customers to build trustworthy AI as we seek to combine our technology and expertise to support enterprise use cases such as code modernisation, digital labour, and customer service,” highlights Kate Woolley, General Manager at IBM Ecosystem.

“Gen AI can be a catalyst for innovation with the potential to unlock new market opportunities when built on a foundation of explainability, transparency, and trust.”


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