Tech Mahindra: Re-Imagining Indian Tech for the New AI Era

If AI is able to work in collaboration with business employees, it will contribute to more effective and responsible AI systems
With AI set to continue increasing across a wide range of essential industries, Tech Mahindra continues to roll out services to democratise AI access

Tech Mahindra is currently witnessing a ground-breaking shift in enterprise technology.

India’s technology industry continues to boom in a digitally transformed era, with the unprecedented digital growth seeing companies commit to expanding digital infrastructure to meet rising customer needs - as well as engaging with the Indian market.

With this in mind, Tech Mahindra is committed to harnessing emerging technologies like generative AI (Gen AI), quantum computing and the metaverse to capitalise on growth opportunities. The company acknowledges that, as technologies become more sophisticated, the impact of AI on the global business landscape will be transformative.

A positive outlook for India’s digital economy in 2024

Tech Mahindra’s frameworks aim to identify AI opportunities for businesses and help them enact the right AI strategy and roadmap for their organisation. In addition, the company is able to offer an AI maturity assessment and enterprise AI architecture evaluations - allowing it to serve a wide range of essential industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, retail, media and entertainment and oil and gas.

The company also uses tools to better identify bias and ensure fairness by continuously monitoring AI performance to ensure better trust and confidence. Its operations are designed to ensure that India starts to employ greater AI policies to utilise the technology to its full potential.

“AI adoption is increasing across industries such as manufacturing, retail, and the financial services sector, transforming the world of work. While some fear AI will replace human jobs, the reality is that AI is creating new roles and making existing jobs far more productive,” Kunal Purohit, Chief Digital Services Officer (CDSO) at Tech Mahindra, tells our sister publication Cyber Magazine.

In the long run, Tech Mahindra acknowledges that AI could ultimately work to drive new job creation with more sophisticated systems requiring more data scientists and business intelligence analysts. Despite widespread anxieties concerning AI and automation replacing workforces, if businesses harness AI to its full potential, humans will remain a significant part of advancing the technology.

Purohit continues: “As AI technology continues its impressive pace of advancement, more jobs spanning various industries will incorporate AI to drive efficiency, insight, and innovative new ways of working. However, it remains critical to remember that AI is just another tool in the toolbox – human oversight still holds the key to determining success or failure.”

AI working in tandem with human workforces

If AI is able to work in collaboration with business employees, it will contribute to more effective and responsible AI systems.

Tech Mahindra is continually working towards meeting the demands of Gen AI and quantum computing, having recently trained 8,000 employees in the technology. The company is aiming to develop the skills of its workforce to ensure they are resilient and able to meet the demand of future changes.

“Almost all future jobs will have an AI component integrated into their core functions. However, rather than replacing workers, this infusion of AI makes them exponentially more capable: able to process more information, spot insights they would miss on their own, and automate tedious tasks to focus energy on higher-order work,” Purohit says.

“The human role is evolving – focused less on routine logistics and more on oversight, creativity, judgement calls, and the intricacies of human emotional intelligence no AI can replicate. AI brings new possibilities, and it will be in partnerships between human and machine intelligence where the real innovations emerge.

“The future of work is not man versus machine – it is man enhanced by machine.”


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