Roche and PathAI co-develop pathology diagnostics

By Laura Berrill
Roche and PathAI partner to develop digital pathology diagnostics

The two firms will develop an embedded image analysis workflow intended for pathologists.

Through this workflow, PathAI image analysis algorithms will be accessible within NAVIFY Digital Pathology, the Cloud version of the Roche enterprise software, uPath.

Building on Roche’s Digital Pathology Open Environment, the collaboration will build on Roche’s Digital Pathology Open Environment to help pathologists gain access to third-party artificial intelligence (AI)-powered technology, as well as the AI-based image analysis tools of Roche.

One of PathAI's first deals for its AI-powered solutions

It is one one of the first deals for PathAI involving the distribution of its AI-powered solutions through a third-party platform and is also among the first to bolster digital tools through the Roche open environment.

Roche Diagnostics CEO Thomas Schinecker said: “Working together, Roche and PathAI will bring the latest leading technologies to pathologists through our digital pathology solution. Expanded access to a menu of high medical value digital diagnostic tools will further ensure that patients are accurately diagnosed and receive the most effective treatment available.”

Digital pathology to improve patient outcomes

Initially Roche will distribute the algorithms developed by PathAI for research use only, through Navify Digital Pathology. The firms will also focus on immuno-oncology in several types of cancer.

As well as this, the two companies intend to support biopharmaceutical firms with end-to-end solutions for the development of CDx. Roche’s diagnostic assays, pathology lab solutions and AI tools will be leveraged along with imaging tools drawn from PathAI in order to achieve this.

PathAI CEO Andy Beck said: “This collaboration brings together all of the components required to deliver and commercialise a differentiated AI-based digital pathology medical device, including assay, scanner, image management system and algorithm.

“We believe this partnership will unlock the potential for digital pathology in the companion diagnostics setting, offering a differentiated service to biopharma sponsors and ultimately new opportunities to improve patient outcomes.”



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