Navigating trust in an AI-driven business world with Vanta

Trust platform Vanta has released a State of Trust survey, offering insights into AI enterprise readiness & how businesses can improve security management

Trust management platform Vanta has unveiled new AI-powered innovations to automate managing and proving trust within a business.

The company’s new offerings include advanced reporting to help security professionals measure the successor of their security programme and report impact. Ultimately, the goal is to unify security programme management with advanced reporting.

According to a recent State of Trust survey completed by the company, the largest barriers to demonstrating security are a lack of staffing and minimal automation to replace manual work. With an ever-increasing volume of data, alongside attack surfaces, organisations need a unified view of security to better track progress towards their digital transformation goals.

Facilitating enterprise readiness with AI

Vanta’s enhanced Reporting facilitates programme management and insights across risk management, workspaces and executive stakeholders including:

  • Risk management dashboards: From surfacing key metrics, like risk heat map and top risk categories, to providing visibility into areas with high risk concentration, Vanta works to keep track of team progress and provides the visibility to identify gaps before they become critical.
  • Workspaces Dashboards: For leaders managing multiple business units, this identifies the parts of an organisation that require attention and assign ownership to the right team members. 
  • Executive Reports: Provides a complete programme overview for management stakeholders – all on one slide.

Vanta’s new Report Centre aims to serve as a unified space to configure and share dashboards, whilst driving smarter business decisions with AI-powered insights, such as suggested controls based on risk data.

To better meet the needs of modern security leaders, Vanta is working to advance how it addresses core requirements, including customisation and enterprise readiness. In the near future, Vanta will be rolling out new ways for customers to customise tests within the Vanta platform. These methods include modifying Vanta-created tests by customising parameters and creating new tests for companies with unique internal audit commitments, or with highly industry or region-specific controls.

With the increased popularity of AI within enterprises helping to drive transformations, businesses can learn to customise and harness their systems to suit their individual needs. As a result, businesses can boost results and value through improved AI expertise and data preparation.

Trusting in new AI technologies

Vanta introduced its own product in October 2023. Vanta AI offers AI-powered vendor security reviews, generative questionnaire responses and intelligent control mapping, to significantly reduce the manual, repetitive tasks hampering security teams. 

To leverage the transformative potential of AI, the company has announced that Vanta AI is expanding with intelligent policy generation and easier test remediation. The Vanta Trust Centre experience is also being given the ability to transform static information and documents into conversational, dynamic content. 

As a result of these developments, Vanta will be able to lead companies towards pushing innovation boundaries, whilst simultaneously growing trust.

“With the increasing frequency of cyberattacks, a widening threat landscape, and the proliferation of new regulations, the risk of noncompliance has escalated significantly. AI-enabled risk and compliance has emerged as an indispensable ally to help organisations conduct real-time monitoring, proactively mitigate risks and vulnerabilities and enhance resource efficiency,” said Amy Cravens, Research Manager, GRC and ESG Management and Reporting Technologies at IDC. 

“Embracing AI for compliance and security use cases provides organisations with a strategic advantage, and IDC predicts that by 2026, 40% of organisations will use AI-enabled risk and compliance solutions to continuously monitor data to predict noncompliance internally and from third parties.”


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