Unlocking the possibilities of AI with Mondee’s Kymber Lowe

"The travel industry, like many others, is on the brink of a major transformation, primarily driven by the rapid growth of AI"
Chief Marketing Officer at Mondee, Kymber Lowe, offers insight into AI potential within the travel industry & how AI is revolutionising the workplace

In line with rapid industry advancements into AI, AI Magazine spoke with industry veteran Kymber Lowe about her take on the technology. She currently works at Mondee, working with brands and communications, as well as public relations and customer acquisition strategies. She is also working on scaling the business globally with the goal of modernising the travel market.

Lowe started her career post-university with an internship at Visa in the US, where she then went on to work full-time. “It was an incredible experience, and I had the chance to found Visa University during my time there with a focus on enabling issuers and merchants,” she says. “I spent nearly ten years of my early career at Visa, learning and growing in various roles.

“My career path then led me to some of the most recognised companies in the tech world.”

1. Tell us about your career background prior to Mondee

Amazon was a big chapter in my career. I held several roles there through my five year journey, including CMO and Head of Global Marketing roles within Amazon Consumer Payments, Amazon Business, AWS and Amazon Devices. My work spanned various aspects of marketing, from brand initiatives to digital marketing and partner relations.  

“Then came an opportunity at Microsoft, where I led partner enablement for global partner solutions ensuring small partners to Global System Integrators had the capability and capacity to drive growth for the company.  I followed this with a role in Business Planning and Monetisation where I led a team to help simplify the Microsoft buying process and improve the customer and partner experience. It was a challenging and rewarding experience, focusing on global go-to-market and licensing strategies.

“My career has provided me the ability to build and lead high performing teams, build new programs and grow brands and businesses. It's been a blend of learning, leading, and constantly evolving in the dynamic world of marketing and technology.”

2. How did you find yourself to be working in AI and what made you decide to get involved with Mondee? 

“My journey into the world of AI was a natural progression from my extensive experience in marketing and technology. Over the years, working with tech giants like Microsoft and Amazon, I've witnessed first-hand how AI can transform industries, making processes smarter and more efficient. This background gave me a deep appreciation for the potential of AI in revolutionising business landscapes.

“The decision to join Mondee was fuelled by its ambitious vision of leveraging AI to revolutionise the travel industry. What excited me about Mondee was not just the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology but also the company's commitment to redefining travel experiences. At Mondee, AI is not just a buzzword; it's a tool that empowers us to deliver innovative solutions and personalised experiences to travellers and partners.

“What truly drew me to Mondee was the challenge of harnessing AI to create a more seamless, efficient, and enjoyable travel experience. The integration of AI allows us to analyse vast amounts of data, understand traveller preferences better, and anticipate needs in ways that were previously impossible.

“At Mondee, we're not just using AI to improve existing processes; we're also exploring how it can open up new possibilities in travel, like personalised itineraries, dynamic pricing, and predictive analytics for travel trends. It's about making travel more accessible, enjoyable, and tailored to individual needs.”

3. What are some of the largest challenges that you face at Mondee?

“In my role, the challenges are as exciting as they are demanding. One of the largest challenges is navigating the ever-evolving landscape of technology and travel. The industry is in a constant state of flux, influenced by technological advancements, changing consumer behaviours, and now more than ever, the global situation, such as the aftermath of the pandemic and economic shifts.

“A significant part of my role involves staying ahead of these changes and ensuring that Mondee not only adapts to them but also leads the way in innovation. This means continuously exploring and integrating new technologies, like AI and machine learning, into our platforms to enhance the travel experience for our users. It also involves predicting and responding to market trends, which requires a deep understanding of both the travel industry and our customers' evolving needs.

“Another challenge is in the realm of marketing communication. In a world inundated with information and options, creating a distinctive brand voice and cutting through the noise to reach our audience is crucial. It's about crafting messages that resonate, engage, and convert, all while maintaining the integrity and vision of Mondee. We recently launched a new brand and website to achieve this goal.

“Additionally, as we push the boundaries in travel technology, another challenge is fostering a culture of innovation and agility within the team. Encouraging a mindset where creativity and experimentation are valued, and where we can rapidly respond to market demands and technological advancements, is key to our success.”

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4. How do you think the travel industry is going to continue evolving with the rapid growth of AI?

“The travel industry, like many others, is on the brink of a major transformation, primarily driven by the rapid growth of AI. At Mondee, we're leveraging AI not just as a tool for efficiency but as a catalyst for creating a more inclusive and expansive travel ecosystem.

“One of the most exciting aspects of AI in travel is its potential to democratise the industry. At Mondee, we're using AI to empower more people to seek employment in travel. By simplifying complex data and automating routine tasks, AI is making it easier for individuals and smaller agencies to enter the market and succeed. This technology is levelling the playing field, allowing a broader range of players to contribute to and benefit from the travel industry's growth.

“With AI, we can analyse vast amounts of data to uncover travel patterns, preferences, and emerging trends. This capability enables us to create more personalised experiences for travellers, tailor services to meet specific needs, and even predict future travel behaviours. It's about moving beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to a more nuanced and individualised travel experience.

“Beyond personalisation, AI is also revolutionising operational aspects of the travel industry. From dynamic pricing models to intelligent resource allocation, AI is making travel more efficient and cost-effective. This not only benefits consumers but also the various stakeholders in the industry, from airlines to hotels to travel agencies.

“As AI continues to evolve, I believe we'll see even more innovative applications in travel. These could range from AI-powered virtual assistants providing real-time travel assistance to the use of predictive analytics in managing tourism impact on destinations. The potential is immense.

“At Mondee, we're at the forefront of this evolution, using AI to empower employment, enhance experiences, and unlock the full potential of the travel industry.”

5. What are the major benefits that AI and/or digital transformation brings to Mondee? 

“At Mondee, AI and digital transformation are not just components of our business strategy; they are the core drivers that are shaping our present and future in the travel industry. The benefits of these technologies are manifold and deeply embedded in every facet of our operations.

“Firstly, AI empowers us with unparalleled data analytics capabilities. By processing vast amounts of travel data, AI helps us discern patterns, preferences, and trends that would be impossible to detect manually. This insight is invaluable in tailoring our offerings to meet the specific needs of individual travellers, enhancing their experience and satisfaction.

“Another significant benefit is in the realm of personalisation. AI allows us to offer personalised travel recommendations and experiences to our customers. By understanding a traveller's preferences and history, we can tailor our offerings, making them more relevant and appealing. This level of customisation was unthinkable in the pre-digital era and is a game-changer in how we engage with our customers.

“Efficiency and automation are other critical benefits. AI streamlines our operational processes, automates routine tasks, and optimises resource allocation. This not only reduces operational costs but also frees up our human talent to focus on more creative and strategic tasks, fostering innovation and growth.

“Moreover, AI plays a crucial role in predictive analytics. We can forecast travel trends, demand spikes, and market shifts, allowing us to be proactive rather than reactive. This ability to anticipate and prepare for future scenarios gives us a competitive edge in a highly dynamic industry.

“Lastly, digital transformation through AI opens up new revenue streams and business models for Mondee. Whether it's through new types of travel experiences, innovative partnership models, or enhanced customer engagement strategies, AI is enabling us to explore and capitalise on opportunities that were previously inaccessible.”


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