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I've been a writer and editor in several different capacities for many years, writing mainly on the subjects of Literature, Philosophy, Psychology and the Humanities in general.

Writing and creativity have been a constant throughout my life, and I've worked mainly as a freelancer over the past few years now.

I also create video essays on these subjects, but there's only so much of your own voice that you can take. For this reason, and because I wanted to be part of a creative team, I joined BizClik as Profile Writer and now look forward to developing my skills as part of the BMG cadre. 

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EvoBits IT: Turnkey IT Solutions in a powerful boutique mode

Silviu Balaci, CTO and Dragos Radulescu, GM of EvoBits, a boutique-minded yet highly capable IT Solutions firm, talks tech, turnkey and timely evolution


Magnús Kristinsson, atNorth DCs' CEO, on investment & growth

atNorth CEO Magnús Kristinsson talks about their DC expansion into new markets and the investments and underlying vision that has driven AN’s evolution

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Silviu Balaci

CTO at EvoBits

Dragos Radulescu

General Manager at EvoBits


Magnús Kristinsson

CEO or atNorth

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EvoBits IT:Turnkey IT Solutions in a powerful boutique model


Magnús Kristinsson, atNorth DCs CEO, on investment & growth