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Ilkhan Ozsevim

Editor-in-Chief of Procurement Magazine

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I've been a writer and editor in several different capacities for many years, writing mainly on the subjects of literature, philosophy, psychology and the humanities in general.

Writing and editing has been a constant for me, and now I also create video essays on these subjects to reach a more modern audience.

I joined BizClik as profile writer because I wanted to be part of a creative team, and am now editor-in-chief of procurement magazine, and contributing editor of supply chain digital.

◉ You can contact me at [email protected], or on LinkedIn by clicking the blue button (North East). 

Articles by Ilkhan Ozsevim

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Sparks of AGI: Google X’s AI is teaching itself new skills…

"This is bigger than climate change, way bigger than Covid... within the next few years... It is imminent," says Mo Gawdat, former Chief Business Officer

AI: The engine accelerating the vehicle of Data Analytics

Chris Royles, Cloudera's CTO: How the fusion of AI and Data Analytics accelerates customer service & data-driven decision making to boost business

Supercharging CX & boosting sales through the power of AI

Greg Hanson, VP at Informatica, shares insights on how AI technologies can supercharge the customer experience in the booming world of eCommerce

Machine vision enabling the factories of the future

Machine vision has empowered industrial robots with the ability to see things with high resolution and speed, enabling a range of industrial use cases

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SailPoint: Leveraging procurement to shape the future

Linda Siegert, SailPoint's SD of Global Procurement on leveraging culture, sustainability & transparency in procurement to drive long-term success

Bell Finance: Towards the Finance of the Future through D&A

Nantes Kirsten, Director of Financial Analytics CoE & Matthew MacEwen, VP of Finance Transformation, detail Finance’s change catalysts via data & analytics

LivaNova: Transforming lives through MedTech and Procurement

LivaNova’s CPO, Jérôme Lesenechal, chronicles what it takes to provide life-changing medical services through technology, procurement and innovation

EvoBits IT: Turnkey IT Solutions in a powerful boutique mode

Silviu Balaci, CTO and Dragos Radulescu, GM of EvoBits, a boutique-minded yet highly capable IT Solutions firm, talks tech, turnkey and timely evolution

Interviews by Ilkhan Ozsevim

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Dr. Ayse Glass

A postdoctoral researcher in Digital City Science at HafenCity University, Hambur

Linda Siegert

Senior Director of Global Procurement at SailPoint Technologies

Matthew MacEwen

Vice President of Finance Transformation at Bell Finance

Nantes Kirsten

Director of Finance and Analytics at Bell Finance

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Top 10 AI Leaders

Discover the top 10 AI leaders shaping the industry and the world…

Top 10 AI Healthcare Technologies

If the purpose of technology is to improve human life, then the convergence of AI and Healthcare Tech is the precipice of this goal...

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SailPoint: Leveraging procurement to shape the future

Bell Finance: Transformations through Data and Analytics

LivaNova: Transforming lives through MedTech and Procurement

EvoBits IT:Turnkey IT Solutions in a powerful boutique model