Bell Finance: Transformations through Data and Analytics

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Nantes Kirsten, Director of Finance, and Matthew MacEwen, VP of Finance, detail Bell Finance’s transformation via their Data and Analytics Centre of Excell

Beginning their finance transformation journey back in 2019 – and, in many regards, leading such a practice across several different areas – Bell Finance saw the potential emerging technologies have to fundamentally transform the way that they work and the services that they provide, discerning that data and analytics (D&A) is core to what they do as a finance function. So fundamental, in fact, that they consider D&A to be a cornerstone of their entire transformation, if not the chief driving force behind it.

If you stop to consider what a finance department or an accounting function actually is, you’ll quickly realise that it begins and ends with data and information – and the packaging up of that information is to either produce new insights to help develop reports forecasts, or to ultimately provide recommendations and services to the organisation as a whole. 

It's really about being able to develop a leading edge practice by moving away from a traditionally federated approach to managing data and analytics, channelling it into a centralised team and a centralised system. This has really helped Bell Finance’s function to accelerate its transformation and to have a specific focus, ensuring that their entire finance community has access to all of the data they need in order to carry out their day-to-day jobs.


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