Seujan Bertram: NetBase Quid’s new people-first COO

NetBase Quid has recently announced it has appointed Seujan Bertram as the company’s new COO to drive forward the company’s mission

Seujan Bertram is a highly adaptable and driven C-Suite Executive, her passion lies in ensuring customers are successful. As a performance-driven culture leader, Bertram has extensive experience in leading change, growth and transformation. 

Commenting on Bertram’s appointment, NetBase Quid Chairman and CEO, Peter Caswell said: "Seujan is a performance-driven culture leader with extensive knowledge and experience in leading growth and transformation at the most successful companies in the world.”

"She has built, led, and scaled functionally and geographically diverse teams at Starbucks, Tableau, and OpenMarket to deliver the highest level of services for customers and employees. We are very excited to have her join NetBase Quid, helping to lead the company in our next phase of growth," he continued.

In her new role, Bertram will be responsible for Account Management, Business Analytics, Customer Success, Customer Experience, Consulting, and Professional Services. 

Adding to this, the new COO will continue the company’s mission of putting its customers at the centre of everything the company does. She will also take the lead in driving accelerated growth, and scaling the organisation while delivering operational excellence across the company.

Bertram: Maximising value for NetBase Quid’s customers

Before her appointment at NetBase Quid, Bertram was the Vice President of Global Operations and Customer Services at OpenMarket and previously held leadership roles at Tableau and Starbucks. 

Discussing her appointment, Bertram said: "I'm excited to take on and continue my journey in an operations executive role that incorporates my passions for customers, data & insights, and culture.”

"I'm looking forward to making an immediate positive impact on NetBase Quid customers and maximizing the value they receive as the company continues to grow and excel in providing world-class customer experiences." 

Bertram is also an executive sponsor and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion as she strongly believes that a diverse and inclusive company culture is a critical foundation for the continued success of any organisation.

Providing AI-powered consumer and market intelligence

NetBase Quid deliver artificial intelligence (AI) powered consumer and market intelligence to enable business reinvention in a noisy and unpredictable world.

The company’s platform uses advanced artificial intelligence to process billions of indexed resources across all forms of structured and unstructured data, empowering brand, agency, and consulting services customers

For its customers, NetBase Quid provides an AI-powered consumer and market intelligence platform to enable businesses to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Recently, AI Magazine shared that the company has been selected to be a Twitter Official Partner.

As part of the program, NetBase Quid customers will have access to world-class technology, expanding the possibilities for customers on and off Twitter. Its customers can now tap into the world’s largest public conversation and turn insights into action with solutions from Twitter’s program.


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