NetBase Quid selected to be a Twitter Official Partner

NetBase Quid has announced it has been selected to be part of the Twitter Official Partner Program and will receive unparalleled access to Twitter data

NetBase Quid, a global leader in AI-powered consumer and market intelligence, has become one of the exclusive companies part of the Twitter Official Partner Program. As part of the program, NetBase Quid customers will have access to world-class technology, expanding the possibilities for customers on and off Twitter.

Now, NetBase’s customers will be able to tap into the world’s largest public conversation and turn insights into action with solutions from Twitter’s program.

"We are pleased to join the Twitter Official Partners program to utilize powerful insights uniquely generated from Twitter data to meet our vision of making the world make sense," said Peter Caswell, Chairman and CEO NetBase Quid. 

"NetBase Quid delivers AI-powered consumer and market intelligence to enable business reinvention in a noisy and unpredictable world," he continued.

NetBase Quid to receive unparalleled access to Twitter data

For its customers, NetBase Quid provides an AI-powered consumer and market intelligence platform to enable businesses to make smart, data-driven decisions.

Through the program, the company will receive unparalleled access to Twitter data. This will ensure customers can qualify and quantify the data into actionable insights which will allow them to better inform their strategy, marketing, and customer experience improvement programs.

Furthermore, customers will also be able to understand the conversations around their brands by collecting and analysing product and service feedback. They also have the opportunity to engage with customers and resolve issues while understanding conversations about their brand, product and competitors.

To become part of the program, NetBase Quid was evaluated across the following areas and performed beyond expectations in quality, scale, relationship, business health and compliance.

All companies as part of the program are vetted for excellence that provides world-class technology. Partners must constantly meet Twitter’s standards to earn and maintain its partner status.


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