Oracle: Embedding Gen AI at Scale to Improve AI Adoption

Oracle Launches Its Enterprise Gen AI Solution as It Aims to Simplify Customer AI Adoption, Enhance Productivity and Transform Enterprise Decision-Making

Oracle has committed to launching enterprise generative AI (Gen AI) at scale by announcing the availability of its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) service. 

The service is designed to offer both Gen AI and new innovations that make it easier for enterprises to take advantage of the latest advancements in Gen AI technology, as well as Gen AI Agents that aim to transform data-driven decision making.

Available with choice of models from Cohere and Meta in the cloud and on-premises, Oracle’s has demonstrated a commitment transforming Gen AI capabilities and improving workplace productivities as a result.

Simplifying AI model customisation

Gen AI is continuing to revolutionise multiple business sectors by unlocking new capabilities and transforming workplace operations. Oracle’s Gen AI services aim to help businesses automate key business functions, improve decision-making and enhance customer experiences.

The company has already demonstrated its goal to revolutionise the AI landscape, having partnered with organisations like NVIDIA in 2023 to speed up enterprise AI adoption and better solve digital challenges.

Given such high demand for Gen AI from customer bases, with OCI, Oracle is aiming to make AI integration as simple as possible so that it can seamlessly fit into modern workloads. OCI Gen AI is a fully managed service that aims to integrate large language models (LLMs) from Cohere and Meta Llama 2 to confront multiple business use cases.

Part of these offerings include multilingual capabilities that support over 100 languages, an improved GPU cluster management experience and flexible fine-tuning options. The platform can also be used in Oracle Cloud and on-premises via OCI Dedicated Region.

“Oracle's AI focus is on solving real-world business use cases to enable widespread adoption in the enterprise. To do this, we are embedding AI across all layers of the technology stack by integrating generative AI into our applications and converged database, and offering new LLMs and managed services—all supported by a fast and cost-effective AI infrastructure,” said Greg Pavlik, Senior Vice President, AI and Data Management at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

“Instead of providing a tool kit that requires assembling, we are offering a powerful suite of pre-built generative AI services and features that work together to help customers solve business problems smarter and faster.”

Transforming customer capabilities in Gen AI

Embedding Gen AI in this way is believed to be both efficient and secure for businesses in the long-term, as users will be able to reap the benefits of improved security and governance. Additionally, they can work to address business issues such as text generation and summarisation.

Oracle aims to ensure that customers can embed Gen AI easily, by refining AI models using their own data so that the models better understand their unique requirements. Likewise, the OCI Gen AI Agents service aims to provide contextualised results that are enhanced with business data. Users can converse with the agent through natural language without the need for specialist skills.

Empowering businesses to be able to make better decisions is a desirable goal, with Oracle aiming to help organisations build their own AI-powered applications. As a result, customers can create new business solutions or accelerate development depending on their use case strategy.

In the midst of the current AI cybersecurity landscape, businesses are having to work hard to balance strategy, risk and innovation to ensure maximum digital transformations. To capitalise on a full AI stack, businesses should ensure that they understand how to best harness AI models. Only then, will workplace productivity be boosted.


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