Oracle generative AI improving workplace capabilities

In the wake of Oracle expanding its generative AI capabilities, the company continues to find ways to assist companies and customers with its tech services

Well-known for its database software and technology, cloud engineered systems and enterprise software products, including CRM and SCM, Oracle has fast become one of the largest multinational software companies in the world by revenue.

Having been founded in 1977 and taking its name from a 1977 CIA project codename, the CIA then went on to be Oracle’s first customer. The company has since become a significant player in the national security industry, with business continuing to boom as it continues into the twenty-first century. 

Its software tools have helped shape the modern surveillance industry and make increasing efforts to improve the workplace.

Embedding generative AI into the workplace

Oracle’s efforts have continued to help lead the evolution of digital transformation. In 2019, the company announced that it was partnering with its former competitor, Microsoft. The partnership aimed to connect Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure and allow customers to store data on both cloud computing platforms and run software on either Oracle or Azure.

It was believed at the time that this partnership was an attempt to compete with AWS, Google and Salesforce.

The company continues to provide global organisations with computing infrastructure and software to help unlock better workplace efficiencies. In February 2023, the company announced that it was partnering with Uber Technologies as part of a seven-year strategic cloud partnership that aims to accelerate Uber’s innovation and deliver new products to market.

Most recently in June 2023, Oracle added generative AI features to its human resources software for businesses, aiming to help draft job descriptions and employee performance goals, among other tasks.

These generative AI capabilities are seeking to help HR boost productivity. Oracle’s strategy is built around the reality that enterprises work with AI via three different avenues: Infrastructure, models and services and within applications.

AI added to HR software to boost business transformation

Oracle first provides a robust infrastructure for training and serving models at scale. Through a previous partnership with NVIDIA, the company can provide superclusters and provide a solution that is cost-effective and performs highly when training generative AI models at scale.

With these changes, customers can use Oracle’s upcoming OCI Generative AI service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and reap all the benefits of a public cloud, including paying for what you use, customising models and creating private model endpoints.

Its partnership with Cohere aims to make cloud services aim to be easy to use. In building this new generative AI service, customers are able to add generative AI capabilities to their own applications and workflows through simple APIs.

Oracle will then embed generative models into applications and workflows that business users use every day. Through this, the company hopes to create solutions that provide organisations with the full power of generative AI instantly.

Generative AI is already revolutionising multiple business sectors by unlocking new capabilities and transforming operations. In this way, Oracle is aiming to provide generative AI to help organisations automate key business functions, improve decision-making and enhance customer experiences. 


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