SoftBank and Keenon Robotics announce strategic partnership

The strategic global partnership between SoftBank Robotics and Keenon Robotics is to drive productivity and efficiency for the service industry

SoftBank Robotics Group Corp (SBRG), a worldwide leader in robotics solutions, announced the partnership with Keenon Robotics to expand the use of robotics systems in the service industry.

Keenon Robotics, the global leading AI company focusing on indoor intelligent service robots, will support SBRG to boost efficiency and productivity in the service industry.

This announcement comes soon Keenon Robotics raised $200mn in its Series D funding round led by Softbank Vision Fund 2, the largest round of funding in the service robot industry to date. As part of the funding, Softbank is partnering with Keenon Robotics to support the company’s mission of driving the smart autonomous delivery revolution.

"We are proud to partner with SoftBank Robotics, the leader in the robotics solutions industry," said Tony Li, Chief Executive Officer at Keenon Robotics. 

"As the cost of labour increases, technology becomes an affordable solution creating an increased appetite for automation alongside human tasks. The Keenbot is one such example of a solution that is meant for convenience and performs well when completing repetitive operational tasks that require precision," he continued.

Delivering cutting edge solutions to push robotic systems

Aiming to expand the use of robotics systems in the service industry that will allow better efficiency and productivity, SBRG and Keenon Robotics’ partnership will improve business operations.

The increased operational efficiency gained from service robots will allow businesses to allocate more time and resources for service crews to refocus on customer service.

"At SoftBank Robotics, it is all about leveraging the technologies of tomorrow to create better solutions," said Kenichi Yoshida, Chief Business Officer at SBRG.

"The partnership with Keenon Robotics, the global leading AI company focusing on indoor intelligent service robots will allow us to deliver cutting edge solutions as an integrated system to increase capability and efficiency in the service industry as well as achieve greater savings," he added.

Expanding into the Asia Pacific region

Keen to expand its operations into the Asia Pacific Delivery Robot Market, as it is projected to have the largest hold, with a share of around 27.1% in the global delivery robot industry, SBRG are starting with Singapore as its launchpad.

Keenon Robotics have been, for a long time, the market leader in China for providing intelligent, autonomous delivery solutions.

With Singapore aiming to become a Smart Nation, SBRG aims to launch a series of robots that will support the government's initiative and accelerate the adoption of robotics technology in industries. These industries include F&B, cleaning, hospitality, security, healthcare, logistics and more. 

To encourage the adoption of service robots in these industries and to support its own global expansion, SBRG will be working with various stakeholders in both the public and private sectors to encourage the adoption of robotics in their respective fields.


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