Wipro and Google Cloud expand partnership for Generative AI

With this increased partnership, Wipro is set to integrate generative AI into its entire suite of capabilities, accelerators, IP, and solutions

Wipro Limited, a leading technology services and consulting company, has announced that it is expanding its partnership with Google Cloud to bring its advanced generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to clients worldwide.

A recent press release details how Wipro will integrate Google Cloud’s full suite of generative AI products and services into its portfolio. This includes Vertex AI, Generative AI App Builder, and the Model Garden collection of foundation models.

The expanded partnership aims to help unlock new value within enterprises, as well as transforming how large-scale businesses operate. As part of the partnership expansion, Wipro will also train 20,000 associates on Google Cloud’s generative AI technologies.

“Incredible opportunities ahead”

Key facts
  • Wipro builds innovative solutions for digital transformation needs
  • 250,000+ employees and business partners
  • 66 countries worldwide
  • Has a portfolio in consulting, design, engineering, and operations
  • Helping clients build future-ready and sustainable businesses

For more than two years, Wipro has been investing in digital transformation with Generative AI. This has been actualised through conducting research with leading academic institutions, building accelerators and frameworks like WeGA (Wipro Enterprise Generative AI), developing competency through Wipro AI Academy, and executing key pilot programs for clients.

The company ultimately wants to help clients realise the full potential of AI and drive secure, AI-led transformations at scale. Speaking on the partnership expansion, Thierry Delaporte, CEO and Managing Director of Wipro Limited, said: “Generative AI offers incredible opportunities ahead.”

“Expanding our partnership with Google Cloud allows us to help our clients accelerate the adoption of this technology – safely, securely, and responsibly. We are investing in skills as well as new capabilities in this area, so that Wipro can define and drive our clients’ AI-led transformation. This expanded partnership with Google Cloud is an important step in that direction.” 

New AI solutions: tackling unique industry challenges

Together with Google Cloud, Wipro will build and deploy new generative AI solutions to help enterprises tackle industry challenges and also improve industry functions such as consumer experiences, marketing, supply chain performance, financial modelling, workforce management, and sustainability. 

Wipro is also seeking to build generative AI as a core solution within its set of consulting services, as well as leveraging its crowdsourcing platform, Topcoder, to build and scale solutions that address the challenges faced by clients.

“Wipro has helped some of the world’s largest companies transform their businesses with our technology, and their investments in our generative AI capabilities has the potential to deliver new levels of innovation for customers,” stated Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud. 

“Through our expanded partnership, Wipro and Google Cloud will use generative AI to solve some of the biggest challenges businesses are facing today, safely and securely.”

Wipro’s AI Centres in Bangalore, London, New Jersey, Dallas, and Mountain View are open to those looking to explore use cases for generative AI, where they can develop individualised generative AI strategies. Generative AI will also become a core technology as part of the Wipro FullStride Cloud Studio, helping accelerate cloud strategy and adoption, and further advancing Wipro’s support for the Google Cloud Rapid Migration Program (RaMP).


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