Google Cloud partners with French AI startup Mistral

Using Google Cloud's robust AI infrastructure will enable Mistral AI to distribute its cutting-edge language models
As well as reaching unicorn status, AI startup, Mistral AI, has partnered with Google Cloud to push the boundaries of technological advancement

In a significant development for the European AI landscape, French AI startup Mistral has achieved unicorn status, raising €385 million (US$422m) in funding and reaching a valuation of €2 billion (US$2.19bn). This achievement positions Mistral as a major competitor to OpenAI, the leading non-profit AI research company.

Mistral's rapid growth and impressive valuations reflect the company's innovative approach to AI research and development. The startup has developed a unique AI architecture called "MistralNet" that leverages natural language processing (NLP) to tackle complex tasks like machine translation, text summarisation, and question answering. This architecture has demonstrated remarkable capabilities, outperforming existing AI models.

The rise of the rivals

Mistral's success is also fueled by its strong backing from prominent European institutions and investors. The company has received substantial support from the French government, which recognises the potential of AI to drive economic growth and innovation. As well as this, Mistral has attracted investments from leading venture capital firms, indicating the confidence placed in its technology and potential impact.

As Mistral continues to develop its AI capabilities and expand its reach, it is poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of AI in Europe. The company's open-source approach and commitment to ethical AI practices align with the values of many European organisations, making it a strong contender in the global AI race.

Mistral's emergence as a unicorn startup marks a significant moment for European AI, demonstrating the continent's growing technological prowess and commitment to innovation. The company's potential to rival OpenAI further underscores the strength of the European AI ecosystem and its ability to compete with major players from the United States and Asia.

Alliances to leverage and empower

Mistral AI has also announced a groundbreaking partnership with Google Cloud. This alliance will leverage Google Cloud's robust AI infrastructure to enable Mistral AI to distribute its cutting-edge language models, propelling the advancement of generative AI (Gen AI) applications worldwide.

Under this collaboration, Mistral AI will harness Google Cloud's AI-optimized infrastructure, including powerful TPU Accelerators, to efficiently train, deploy, and scale its language models. This integration will enable Mistral AI to accelerate the development of larger, more sophisticated Gen AI models, expanding their capabilities and potential applications.

Despite its rise to unicorn status, Mistral AI remains a relatively small company, with just 22 employees, consisting of co-founder and CEO Arthur Mensch, Guillaume Lample, and Timothee Lacroix, who have experience at Meta or Google’s DeepMind. 

As reported by EuroNews, Mensch said: "Since the creation of Mistral AI in May, we have been pursuing a clear trajectory: that of creating a European champion with a global vocation in generative artificial intelligence, based on an open, responsible and decentralised approach to technology.”

The future of AI is now

With Mistral leading the charge, Europe is well-positioned to establish itself as a global hub for AI excellence. The company's achievements will undoubtedly inspire and motivate other European AI startups, fostering a thriving and competitive environment for AI development.

Isabelle Fraine, Managing Director of Google Cloud in France, says: "In just a few months Mistral AI has already established itself as a leader in the development of generative AI LLMs built on open source principles. 

“Leveraging Google Cloud's AI-optimised infrastructure and technical expertise will allow Mistral AI to translate its already-impressive achievements into trusted, accessible, and enterprise-ready solutions that directly address the diverse and rapidly growing global demand for generative AI."

As Mistral and other European AI companies continue to push the boundaries of technological advancement, the continent is on the cusp of a new era of innovation and economic growth.


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