Top 10: AI Startups

AI explores some of the leading AI startups making their mark and takes a look at the impact they are having on today’s business landscape

AI stands at the forefront of innovation and advancement. As an increasing number of AI startups enter the scene, the future of our digital world is undergoing a major transformation. Thanks to the significant breakthroughs in machine learning, companies are able to increase efficiency, improve decision-making, enhance customer experience, reduce costs, and assist with new product and service development.

Adept AI

10. Adept AI

Founded in 2022 by Ashish Vaswani, David Luan, and Niki Parmar, Adept AI is a machine learning research and product lab dedicated to developing general artificial intelligence. The company is currently in the process of pioneering an innovative new approach to support individuals in accomplishing tasks, training a neural network to utilise the vast array of software tools and APIs globally, leveraging the vast amount of existing capabilities that have already been created.

Inflection AI

9. Inflection AI

Established in 2022 by entrepreneurs Reid Hoffman, Mustafa Suleyman, and Karén Simonyan, Inflection AI is a technology company based in Palo Alto, California. The company focuses on the development of hardware and applications for machine learning and generative artificial intelligence. The company’s latest innovation, Personal AI, known as Pi, represents a new class of AI and is designed to serve as a helpful companion, providing engaging conversations, friendly guidance, and concise information in a natural, flowing manner.


8. Clarifai

Clarifai is an independent artificial intelligence company specialising in computer vision, natural language processing, and audio recognition. Pioneering one of the earliest deep learning platforms, Clarifai was established in 2013. The platform facilitates the complete AI process, including data exploration, data labelling, model training, evaluation, and inference for various data types such as images, video, text, and audio. Clarifai enables users to integrate AI technology into their products through API, Mobile SDK, and on-premise solutions.


7. Scale AI

Established in 2016, the Scale Generative AI Platform harnesses enterprise data to customise powerful base generative models, securely unlocking the value of AI. The Scale Data Engine encompasses a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities for the collection, curation, and annotation of high-quality data. Scale empowers the development of the world's most sophisticated Large Language Models (LLMs) and generative models through state-of-the-art Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), data generation, model evaluation, safety measures, and alignment techniques.

Landing AI

6. Landing AI

Landing AI offers its customers deployment-ready AI solutions and comprehensive transformation programs for enterprises across the world. Established by Dr Andrew Ng, Co-Founder of Coursera, Former Chief Scientist of Baidu and Founding Lead of Google Brain, the company is uniquely positioned to assist businesses in smoothly transitioning their AI projects from the proof-of-concept stage to full-scale production. The company's leading product, LandingLens, is an enterprise MLOps platform providing a complete workflow to create, perform, and operationalise AI-powered visual inspection solutions.


5. DataRobot

Established in 2012, DataRobot is a leader in value-driven AI. The company believes AI has the potential to enhance every aspect of business and human interactions, ultimately improving areas of life, work, leisure, and safety. DataRobot is designed for the way ecosystems are built and how teams actually work, by leveraging top-tier tools with its open, predictive, and generative AI lifecycle platform, seamlessly integrating with existing data platforms, AI services, MLOps processes, DevOps tools, business applications and gen AI apps.


4. Databricks

Databricks was founded in 2013, and specialises in AI and data solutions, standing as the world's first and only cloud-based platform known as the "lakehouse." Databricks seamlessly combines the strengths of data warehouses and data lakes, providing a unified and open platform for data and AI applications. Utilising its AI-powered echnology, Databricks caters to over 5,000 global organisations, including well-known names such as ABN AMRO, Condé Nast, H&M Group, Regeneron, and Shell.


3. Dataiku

Dataiku was established in 2013 with the core belief that in order to thrive in the ever-changing global landscape, businesses, regardless of industry or scale, must enable their workforce to consistently drive innovation. Since then, Dataiku has set the standard for making data accessible to all and promoting collaboration across entire organisations. The company has been integral to the AI progression of numerous companies and teams, giving it substantial insight into the key to success: ‘Everyday AI.’


2. Anthropic

Anthropic was established in 2021 by former members of OpenAI, most notably Daniela and Darioi; who was the former Vice President of Research. The siblings, along with several others, parted ways with OpenAI due to directional differences, reportedly concerning the collaboration with Microsoft in 2019.

In March 2023, Anthropic introduced the AI chatbot, Claude, promoting it as "easy to converse with" and "less prone to generating harmful responses." Initially, Claude was limited to use within Slack and for business purposes, however, in July, Anthropic expanded the availability of Claude 2 to users in the USA and UK.

Claude 2, described as “a friendly, enthusiastic colleague or personal assistant who can be instructed in natural language to help you with many tasks”, offers improved performance, delivers longer responses, and is accessible through an API, while a new public beta website,, simplifies and facilitates conversations with Claude.


1. OpenAI

Founded in 2015 as a non-profit research lab for artificial intelligence, OpenAI was co-founded by Elon Musk, Sam Altman, and others. OpenAI has since evolved and now consists of the profit-driven entity OpenAI LP and its parent organisation, the non-profit OpenAI Inc. The company is dedicated to conducting long-term research with the aim of developing safe artificial general intelligence (AGI). 

In 2021, OpenAI introduced the first iteration of its DALL-E, a deep learning model capable of generating digital images based on written descriptions known as ‘prompts.’ DALL-E can also blend concepts, attributes, and styles to create unique images.

Then, in November 2022, OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT, its conversational AI program designed for answering questions, translating text, and generating improvised written content. Within its initial five days of launching, ChatGPT garnered over a million sign-ups and projected revenues of US$200m for 2023, with expectations of reaching US$1 billion in 2024.


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