Newly Appointed AI leaders Driving Digital Transformation

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AI Magazine highlights the latest executive appointments and departures that are set to drive innovation and business success within the AI sector

1. Dr Philipp Herzig

Job From: SVP Head of Cross Product Engineering, SAP

Job To: Chief AI Officer, SAP

Dr Philipp Herzig

“SAP’s increased focus on business AI marks the start of a completely new generation of enterprise innovation.”

SAP has announced that it has appointed Dr Philipp Herzig in the newly created role of Chief AI Officer (CAIO).

Herzig’s team will collaborate with innovators across SAP to infuse artificial intelligence into every part of the company’s portfolio. With this new setup, SAP aims to further accelerate the pace at which customers can benefit from groundbreaking business AI solutions and services. The newly established division also underscores the central importance of business AI as a strategic driver for SAP’s ongoing growth.

Herzig’s team consists of strong leaders, including Walter Sun, who continues to lead all product engineering efforts on business AI, as the company’s global head of AI. Herzig reports directly to SAP CEO Christian Klein.

2. Pradeep Kumar

Job From: SVP and GM, HPE Services, HPE

Job To: SVP of Services and Customer Success, UiPath

Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar has been appointed SVP of Services and Customer Success at UiPath. Kumar brings over 25 years of financial and business experience across channel, consumer and enterprise technology that will be pivotal in enhancing the experience for users of UiPath’s Business Automation Platform.

3. Richard C Puccio, Jr

Job From: Chief Financial Officer, AWS

Job To: EVP, Chief Financial Officer, Analog Devices

Richard C Puccio, Jr

Analog Devices has appointed Richard C Puccio, Jr as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. In this role, Puccio will set ADI’s financial strategy and lead the company’s global finance operations. He joins ADI from Amazon Web Services, where he partnered closely with the business to manage more than 200 fully featured services.

4. Daniel Bailey

Job From: VP EMEA, Amplitude

Job To: SVP, Regional Sales Leader EMEA, Genesys

Daniel Bailey

Bailey has joined global cloud leader in AI-powered experience orchestration Genesys as SVP and regional sales leader of EMEA, bringing over 20 years of experience in cloud solutions sales across large organisations. His expertise in transformation and growth will support Genesys as the company continues its business momentum.



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