Mitek: Shielding Customers from Deepfakes & AI Fraud

WEBINAR: Guardians of Trust: Shielding Customers from Deepfakes & AI Fraud. January 25th 2024, 3pm GMT.
Register now for our upcoming webinar with Mitek, the ID Verification platform delivering new technologies to shield customers from deepfakes and AI fraud

A global leader in digital access, Mitek Systems leverages advanced identity verification technologies and a global platform to make digital access faster and more secure. 

The company is renowned for protecting consumers across purchase journeys and is today trusted by 99% of US banks for mobile check deposits and 7,500 of the world’s largest organisations.

Now, Mitek’s Principal Software Product Manager Becky Kiichle-Gross joins FinTech Magazine for this crucial webinar, at a time when robust defences are a must for any organisation looking to safeguard against AI fraud and deepfake technology that, today, is more malicious than ever. 

She is joined by Joseph Vaughn, Compliance Risk Manager at U.S. Bank, a leader with experience in reporting analysis – developing workflow integration tools for U.S. Bank's Know Your Customer (KYC) programme.

In his time at the bank, Vaughn has also taken the roles of operations supervisor, where he supported call center specialists in the KYC customer service center, and risk operations manager in the customer due diligence operations (CDDO) centre. 

Click the link HERE to register your interest today, and join us on 25 January 2024 from 3pm GMT.

Guardians of Trust: Shielding Customers from Deepfakes & AI Fraud

Titled ‘Guardians of Trust’, this webinar will explore innovative ways AI can be harnessed to protect customers and safeguard the trust your brand has built. 

So, join us, Kiichle-Gross and Vaughn for answers to the big questions in ID Verification today: 

  • What are the biggest fraud threats right now?
  • What do deepfakes look like in the real world and how are they impacting businesses?
  • How can AI-driven authentication and verification solutions enhance security and mitigate risks?
  • What pre-emptive strategies can my business take to stay ahead of the evolving threat landscape?

We’ll be providing you with key insights on current and future threats posed by deepfakes and AI fraud, offering extensive guidance on how best to protect your business and customers, and how the digital world can secure its path to a safe future. 

The talking points

Join our webinar to gain a better understanding of the deepfake phenomenon and why they are such a growing concern, as we offer real-world examples and highlight the detrimental impact of deepfakes on businesses. 

We’ll also delve into the evolving landscape of fraud and its various types, and the inevitable consequences for businesses and consumers. We’ll show you how AI can help protect against risks and show you its ability to detect and combat deepfakes in real time. 

What’s more, we’ll be providing case studies of successful AI implementations across various industries to highlight how you can build greater brand trust and increase consumer confidence.

Strategies for communicating your commitment to security will be on the agenda too, as will the importance of transparency in today’s era of AI-driven protection. 

And, we will be sharing the necessary skills and expertise to help you prepare for future threats, as we look ahead to potential challenges and suggest preemptive actions you can take to minimise emerging risks.

So, if you want to learn how to protect your businesses from emerging deepfake and fraud threats, join us on 25 January 2024, 3pm GMT. Just click the link HERE to register your interest.


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