ISG launches Applied AI Advisory to aid business AI adoption

ISG announces Applied AI Advisory services that aim to facilitate greater enterprise AI adoption, allowing businesses to maximise generative AI potential

Leading global technology research and advisory firm ISG has launched a new suite of advisory services to help clients navigate the complexities and implications of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) at scale.

Based on the company’s research and experience on the generative AI (Gen AI) market, it has developed what it describes as the ‘optimal path’ for enterprise AI adoption. Its vision is to position Gen AI as a base foundation, envisioning the AI control plane and data layer as robust pillars for support. 

ISG believes that these supporting pillars should serve as guardrails for business strategy and AI operations.

Supporting enterprise AI at scale

The mission of ISG is to create an industry-leading, high-growth, information-based services business, helping businesses confront emerging challenges and reimagine the future. It partners with clients to lead rapid change and realise the value of digital investments at scale. 

The firm specialises in digital transformation services, including automation, cloud and data analytics, sourcing advisory, managed governance and risk services, network carrier services, strategy and operations design, change management, market intelligence and technology research and analysis.

Key facts
  • 1,600 global employees
  • 900 clients
  • 75 of the Global Top 100 enterprises are ISG clients
  • 20+ industries

ISG’s new Applied AI Advisory services aim to help clients assess their AI readiness. With this in mind, ISG aids them in identifying practical use cases, experimenting with proofs of concept, creating an AI strategy, and establishing a business case for investment. 

The company works with them to select the right business partners and build cognitive infrastructures to support AI at scale. In addition, ISG also provides training and organisational change management and governance through an AI control plane that is designed to help enterprises mitigate risk and maximise ROI from their AI investments.

“AI, specifically Gen AI, is the next big thing in technology,” says Michael P. Connors, Chairman and CEO of ISG. 

“Gen AI has risen to the top of the agenda for the world’s largest corporations. Business leaders are already seeking our advice and guidance on the practical applications of this technology, as well as longer-term strategies for scaling AI as the technology grows and matures.”

Capitalising on the ever-booming AI market

Looking to the future, a 2023 report by Grand View Research, Inc. predicted that the global AI market would reach heights of US$1.8tn by 2030, at a CAGR of 37.3%. More specifically, ISG research has predicted that the global market for AI-related managed services alone is expected to reach US$175bn by 2030.

“ISG has always been at the forefront of guiding our clients through the complexities of adopting technology at scale,” says Steve Hall, ISG President and the firm’s first Chief AI Officer. “Our expansion into applied AI strategy and advisory is our next great leap forward, ensuring businesses can harness AI to drive unprecedented value into every aspect of their operations.”

ISG methodology for achieving ROI from enterprise AI (Image: ISG)

Clients trust ISG for its independent advice and technology expertise. It was the first sourcing advisory firm to establish a reference architecture for applied Gen AI in its September 2023 global study of business use cases.

The use cases highlighted demonstrated that AI could lower the cost of IT operations by 30 TO 58%. Use cases ranged from personalising customer experiences at scale and optimising supply chain operations, to enhancing decision-making through predictive analytics and pioneering the development of new products and services.

ISG’s study also found that 85% of businesses believed that Gen AI investment will be important over the next two years, but only a small percentage are currently achieving real results. These findings were particularly prevalent at the end of 2023, which saw businesses wanting to boost their investments, but were unsure how to fully harness AI.

“Our goal is to empower businesses to define their AI-driven future, find the perfect partners to make it a reality, lead change in their organisations, and realise tangible value at a scale,” Hall says.

“An AI control plane encompasses robust security measures to safeguard against data breaches and unauthorised access, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive information.

“It also ensures AI operations adhere to legal and ethical standards and avoid biases, protecting users' rights and promoting fairness, while providing oversight of AI-related expenditures and resource allocation, enabling efficient budget management and cost optimisation.”


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