Clarifai Community: The World's AI Community for Developers

Clarifai Community has been created to allow creators and developers to share AI resources with others, and to accelerate global AI development

Clarifai, a leading AI platform for unstructured image, video, text, and audio data, has launched the Clarifai Community–the World's AI Community.  

The Community has been built for AI creators and developers, enabling users to develop and share AI resources throughout their enterprise or organisation, even collaborating with the public. 

"There are less than 100,000 data scientists that are truly capable of building deep learning technology in the world today, and this is not enough to make AI accessible to everyone. Our goal is to empower the 50 million global developers to build AI–and nobody else is as focused on that as we are," said Matthew Zeiler, CEO of Clarifai. "And with our no-code UIs we are also helping business operators adopt AI quickly with a no-code experience."


Creating collaboration between AI communities 

Clarifai's Community promotes the sharing of AI assets and fosters collaboration between AI communities.  "We are fundamentally redefining how AI gets distributed. We are making the best AI available to everyone and letting people contribute their own work to the public at large," said Yuchen Fama, Director of Product at Clarifai. "Clarifai is becoming a meeting place for developers, researchers, data scientists, and business operators looking to solve valuable problems with technology."

With the launch of Clarifai Community, developers and business operators everywhere can discover popular AI assets and use them to build robust applications. Users can collaborate with anyone globally with speed and ease and make their own AI assets public.


Improving and expanding AI resources 

The company recently closed a $60 million Series C funding round, bringing its total funding to $100 million. The funds will be used to expand its sales, marketing, and engineering teams.

As well as launching Community, Clarifai has also announced the introduction of a new product category–the AI Lake.

"Clarifai's AI Lake houses all of the AI resources of an enterprise within one ecosystem and provides tools for teams to share these across the organisation effortlessly," said Alfredo Ramos, SVP of Platform at Clarifai. "Within the AI Lake are AI Apps, which modularise the deployment of models and resources, making them reusable with fine-grained access control."

Clarifai has also added new features for existing products, including Scribe Labeler, Armada Predict, Mesh Workflow and Flare Edge. New Scribe features include enhanced AI video labeling and timeline editing, including mask labeling for segmentation models. Armada Predict now supports inference for dozens of new model types, including multilingual audio transcription and text translation, and named entity recognition. Mesh Workflow was enhanced with the ability to visually create workflow graphs of models. The Flare Edge product now supports edge-optimised pre-trained models, as well as model-syncing of models that are trained on the Clarifai cloud so they can easily be pushed to edge devices.



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