Is AI the technology we need to save the world?

By Nora Winkens
Nora Winkens discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) technology can support and benefit both businesses and individuals

It is no secret that the world is changing drastically for good and bad and we need to think outside the box to move towards building a sustainable future for ourselves. 

We are a part of an era wherein everything revolves around data. There is no major industry that does not perform functions using data-trained models or has not been affected by artificial intelligence solutions. This has been the case especially since the last couple of years, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, data collection and analysis is gaining a lot of importance due to the accelerated implementation and adoption of robust IoT solutions and super-fast computer processing. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to collect and interpret data and act upon it intelligently, making well-informed decisions and carrying out tasks based on these data points. 

AI-based solutions are truly transformative solutions, ones that will dramatically alter people’s lives in unimaginable ways. Whether we accept it or not, artificial intelligence solutions are becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. It is present everywhere, be it workplaces, homes, cars etc. AI-based solutions have the potential to influence our everyday decisions like the choice of TV shows, movies etc based on our consumption pattern. Businesses use these solutions to target ads based on consumers’ interest, search history etc. People are more connected than ever before with the help of these solutions. Whether we like it or not, AI solutions are everywhere. 

Can AI help with climate change?

Climate change is a serious concern but it takes a high level of data analysis to forecast and predict the effects of climate change, further trying to forecast the implication of our actions to stop and adapt to it. Today, we have a huge amount of data points available but we do not have the appropriate computing power and processors to make sense of these data points to handle climate change issues. This high level of analysis is possible with the help of artificial intelligence solutions. Moreover, AI-based solutions might be the best we have to combat and adapt to the effects of climate change. AI-based solutions can analyze huge amounts of data and can forecast predictions. 

AI is not just helping with the issues of climate change, AI-based solutions are also helping to monitor and predict everything from glacier retreat to commercial waste management. With constant advancements and innovations, AI-based technologies will help across industries to tackle such changes. 

Following are some of the reasons why AI is going to change the world in the coming years: 

  • AI is everywhere: We knowingly or unknowingly use AI-based solutions for every small daily use of activities. Using Alexa for weather reports or using facial recognition technology to unlock your phones or using credit cards etc. These day-to-day activities are underpinned by AI and data. AI is deeply embedded in our everyday lives. It is transforming industries. The impact of AI-based solutions is largely felt across industries especially post the outbreak of the global pandemic. AI systems are outperforming human experts. 
  • AI will help us become more human: Machines are becoming more advanced and intelligent, they are able to carry out more complex tasks, making way for rising automation across industries. With this increase in automation, there are relevant concerns about the impact on human jobs. No doubt, automation will lead to change in job roles, but it will also create new job opportunities which are based on unique human capabilities of creativity and empathy. AI will make our working lives better. 
  • AI will become more affordable: Earlier, to adopt AI-based solutions, one required expensive technology and a huge team of in-house experts, that’s no longer the case now. Like other technology solutions, AI-based solutions are readily available for organisations of all sizes. One can partner up with custom AI development companies and get access to the best solutions and experts to consult with. 
  • AI is fuelling other tech solutions & trends: Now that we know that AI is embedded in the smallest activities of our day-to-day lives, we have come to an agreement that it is going to change the way the world operates. AI is becoming the foundation on other technology solutions and innovations. Without AI, the tech industry wouldn’t have had solutions like virtual reality, chatbots, autonomous vehicles, facial recognition, robotics etc. Any new transformative technology or breakthrough is somewhere aligned with AI’s capabilities. 

Empowering researchers and scientists to build a more sustainable future 

With the help of AI-based solutions and other advancing technologies and innovations, we are empowering researchers and scientists to build a more sustainable future for us. It is just a matter of time wherein we continue to develop new applications and solutions and deploy them across industries and tackle the challenges in various fields.

There are a lot of speculations that AI might also destroy whatever we humans have built to this date. We don’t know yet whether AI will be part of the coming era of human existence or if it will end up destroying everything. What is clear is that AI-based solutions are right now making lives easier for us, and if the future could bear little resemblance to what we inhabit today, it is going to be glorious for us!


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