Xdroid receives innovation award for emotion-detecting AI

By William Smith
The solution uses deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms to analyse acoustic information and improve the performance of contact centres...

AI company Xdroid’s Voice Analytics solution has been recognised for its AI-powered voice and facial analytics.

Consultants Frost & Sullivan awarded the company the 2020 Europe Technology Innovation Leadership Award, which is awarded yearly to a company developing an innovative product that receives rapid traction in their respective markets

Machine learning applications

The solution uses deep neural networks and machine learning algorithms to analyse acoustic information and improve the performance of contact centres, with capabilities including accurate speech-to-text and keyword recognition.

In a press release, Arnaud Bossy, Vice President at Frost & Sullivan, said: "Instead of simply transcribing to text, Xdroid built its language engine on a DNN base that is the latest generation of machine learning algorithms that efficiently use processing power and performance to present real-time results and suggestions to agents.”

"Xdroid offers the technology as an online real-time AgentAssist and an offline VoiceAnalytics. The real-time AgentAssist advises agents in the conversation with pop-up suggestions and alerts, and automated lookup functions to offer quick access to relevant information. It also guides agents to an ideal speech rate and volume and can perform an automated wrap-up to reduce the average handling time significantly. The offline VoiceAnalytics optimizes hardware usage and provides complex analytics after the event."

Real world deployment

Xdroid’s Voice Analytics solution has been deployed in contact centre operations for major companies in industries such as insurance, telecommunications and utilities.

"In addition to the highly scalable solutions, Xdroid is agile and can tailor deployments to customer needs," said Nick Baugh, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. "The granularity of Xdroid's processing capabilities informs and enables deep analytics, applicable to performance at the individual and organizational levels. The dashboard displays high-level core indicators such as compliance levels, productivity, and escalation requests. The analytics module can present a clear overview and definable levels of depth and categorizations. Overall, Xdroid draws on its significant industry expertise and next-generation technologies to deliver valuable insights and uniquely address customer needs."


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