UiPath Set to Grow AI & Automation to Power Businesses

UiPath announces new developer features at DevCon 2024 to provide the latest in AI-Powered productivity, allowing enterprises to accelerate automations

UiPath has announced a host of new features as part of its platform that are designed to enable developers to build, test and accelerate implementing automation.

As part of these offerings, the company’s UiPath Autopilot for Test Suite is now available for public preview, aiming to provide a collection of advanced AI capabilities to boost the productivity of testers. It includes AI-Powered quality checks, and tests for design, automation and insights designed to automate workflows and boost productivity.

Currently, more than two million developers use UiPath AI-powered automation services to fuel business development.

Aiding developers in their automation strategies

Announced at DevCon 2024, UiPath’s new features are designed to better enable developers to build, test and accelerate implementing automation into a business.

“With the UiPath developer community in excess of two million, and developers and learners across 43 countries, the innovations we provide this community are absolutely essential in the AI and automation era,” says Daniel Dines, UiPath Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, whilst speaking at the event.

“To build modern automations, it is not only about driving the UI. Developers also need API integrations, data, and AI solutions. We are making it possible for developers to access all these constructs in one integrated platform.”

During an unprecedented time that has seen the rapid acceleration of AI systems, plenty of businesses are looking to capitalise on larger digital transformation strategies to harness AI to its full potential.

UiPath is currently prioritising developers via its new platforms so that AI can be built faster and more effectively. Its Automation Marketplace and Solution Accelerators aim to allow developers to “jumpstart” their automation journeys. The company has invested heavily in its solution accelerators - a pre-built automation framework designed to implement automation faster.

A typical accelerator contains workflows, models, process template, custom connector and documentation - everything developers need to get started, according to UiPath.

The company is also continuing to support the automation projects of its customers by expanding its collection of Gen AI connectors. These weave Gen AI into automations, allowing developers to include AI in every use case throughout a business, including generating text content and summarisation for sales, marketing, social media and customer support - all to better support global workforces.

Each UiPath connector enables developers to leverage one or multiple of the industry-leading LLM providers, including OpenAI, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon Bedrock, Google Vertex and Anthropic.

“Developers remain at the centre of our innovation efforts. Our quest to reimagine DevOps for automation developers with AI led us to the creation of UiPath Autopilot,” says Munil Shah, Chief Technology Officer at UiPath Automation Cloud. “We are infusing Generative AI (Gen AI) across all our products. 

“We believe when AI is combined with automation, magic happens. It’s like combining an intelligent brain with a highly capable body to carry out powerful tasks.”


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