Snowflake & Mistral AI Partner to Democratise Business AI

Snowflake and Mistral AI announce a partnership designed to offer powerful AI language models, empowering businesses to better harness safe generative AI

Snowflake has announced a partnership with Mistral AI designed to bring industry-leading AI language models to businesses.

Through Snowflake Cortex, Mistral AI’s most powerful language models will be brought directly to Snowflake customers in the Data Cloud. Their aim is to deliver the capabilities that enterprises need to seamlessly utilise the power of large language models (LLMs), all while maintaining security, privacy and governance over their data.

Mistral AI’s latest and most powerful model, Mistral Large, is available in the Snowflake Data Cloud for customers to securely harness generative AI (Gen AI) with their enterprise data and build applications quickly and easily.

Leveraging the power of AI with business data

Through this multi-year partnership, which also includes an investment in Mistral’s Series A from Snowflake Ventures, both companies aim to deliver the capabilities enterprises need to seamlessly tap into the power of LLMs.

This news comes very shortly after Sridhar Ramaswamy was named as Snowflake's new CEO. Ramaswamy is expected to lead the company towards greater technological growth, after first joining the company as part of the company’s May 2023 acquisition of Gen AI search engine, Neeva, designed to accelerate search in the Data Cloud through Gen AI.

The partnership also suggests that Snowflake could be prioritising AI moving forward, as Snowflake customers now gain access to Mistral Large. The AI model is celebrated for having unique reasoning abilities and for being proficient in code, mathematics and being fluent in five languages.

Mistral AI is a French company committed to promoting the cultural and linguistic specificities of Gen AI technology. In line with this partnership, Snowflake customers will also gain access to the company’s Mixtral 8x7B - a Mistral AI open source model that is optimised for low latency with a low memory requirement.

The company’s models are now available to customers in public preview as a part of Snowflake Cortex, Snowflake's fully managed LLM that enables organisations to accelerate analytics and quickly build AI apps securely with their data.

“Snowflake’s commitments to security, privacy, and governance align with Mistral AI’s ambition to put frontier AI in everyone’s hand and to be accessible everywhere. Mistral AI shares Snowflake’s values for developing efficient, helpful, and trustworthy AI models that advance how organisations around the world tap into generative AI,” says Arthur Mensch, CEO and co-founder of Mistral AI. 

“With our models available in the Snowflake Data Cloud, we are able to further democratise AI so users can create more sophisticated AI apps that drive value at a global scale.”

Democratising access to AI

The partnership ultimately aims to make generative AI more accessible for businesses.

“By partnering with Mistral AI, Snowflake is putting one of the most powerful LLMs on the market directly in the hands of our customers, empowering every user to build cutting-edge, AI-powered apps with simplicity and scale,” Sridhar Ramaswamy comments.

“With Snowflake as the trusted data foundation, we’re transforming how enterprises harness the power of LLMs through Snowflake Cortex so they can cost-effectively address new AI use cases within the security and privacy boundaries of the Data Cloud.”

More leading technology companies are starting to commit to open source AI strategies in attempts to make the technology safer and lead to greater innovation. Snowflake is continuing to invest in its Gen AI efforts by working to provide organisations with an easy path to bring state-of-the-art Gen AI to every part of their business. 

Snowflake is committed to furthering AI innovation for the wider technology community, having joined the AI Alliance to comprehensively and openly address the challenges and opportunities of Gen AI in order to further democratise its benefits.


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