IBM collaborates with Boston Dynamics, Cisco and more

At the Mobile World Congres, Los Angeles, IBM will announce advances and new collaborations in AI-powered automation, 5G connectivity and security

As part of this announcement, IBM also revealed it will be collaborating with Boston Dynamics, Cisco, Palo Alto Networks and Turnium Technology Group to help equip businesses in the next phase of digital transformation.

These collaborations and expanded partner relationships will further IBM's capabilities in hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), network automation and security and will be announced at Mobile World Congres, Los Angeles (MWC LA).

It also highlights the company’s role in helping the telecommunications industry evolve. This is particularly significant in a time when 5G and edge computing is redefining how businesses and consumers connect.

With its AI-powered automation software, IBM is making major strides in helping Communication Service Providers (CSPs) adopt AI and automation on open hybrid cloud platforms.

"A recent study from the IBM Institute for Business Value on "The end of communications services as we know them" revealed that 59% of high performing CSPs surveyed agree they must become secure clouds infused with AI and automation. The study also says, that  CSPs are thinking more strategically about 5G-enabled edge computing more for its ability to build more revenues as 5G and edge computing usher in a new reality for businesses," said Andrew Coward, General Manager, Software Defined Networking, IBM.

"We are continuing to help CSPs embrace secured technologies like automation, AI and hybrid cloud, and we believe IBM is uniquely positioned to provide the software and consulting needed to evolve their digital architecture."

IBM: Equipping businesses for the next stage of their digital journeys

With Boston Dynamics, IBM is focused on delivering data analysis at the edge. Together, the pair will help companies address worker safety, optimise field operations, and boost maintenance productivity. This will support industrial environments such as manufacturing facilities, power plants and warehouses.

By expanding its partnership with Cisco, IBM will now integrate key offerings, including IBM Cloud Pak for Network Automation and Cisco Crosswork Network Automation software, to enable orchestration and management of virtual 5G networks. 

In another expanding relationship with Palo Alto Networks, IBM will help address the unique security requirements for telecom operators deploying 5G Networks and edge services.

Turnium Technology Group has announced its commitment to bring Technology Assurance Group's (TAG) network of managed technology service providers to IBM Cloud for Telecommunications. 

These innovations and partnerships will be announced by IBM at MWC LA to show how they are furthering its mission to equip businesses for the next stage of their digital journeys.


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