Hexaware’s tensai GPT: Using Gen AI for Real-World Support

Hexaware unveils tensai GPT, a new AI app created in partnership with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, designed to empower its workforce with responsible AI

Hexaware has announced tensai GPT, a secure AI web app using Microsoft Azure Open AI Service to advance innovation within the company’s workforce.

Launched in collaboration with Microsoft, the AI web app will allow Hexaware employees to harness enterprise knowledge and to better foster creativity across diverse industries. It also highlights the company’s commitment to enhancing human-machine collaboration by leveraging its technical industry expertise.

In a LinkedIn post, Hexaware comments: “tensai GPT marks a pivotal step in our mission to set new benchmarks in responsible and ethical AI, driving knowledge and innovation for client benefit.”

Shaping workplace AI

tensai GPT aims to ensure a secure and user-friendly design and advanced functionalities for Hexaware employees to use. The end goal is to ultimately advance worker productivity, whilst simultaneously addressing privacy concerns.

During a time of huge public anxiety on account of malicious AI rising worldwide, it is important for businesses like Hexaware to offer additional support and empower its workforce to better harness AI in the safest way possible. This will only lead to improved creativity and innovation across industries.

By expanding its partnership with Microsoft in this way, Hexaware is able to help its staff and employees commit to safe AI development.

Arun ‘Rak’ Ramchandran, President & Global Head at Hexaware, says: "As we navigate the era of unprecedented technological advancements, the launch of tensai GPT marks a pivotal moment for Hexaware's commitment to relentless innovation.”

He adds: “It will aid our transformative journey, where advanced technological solutions and end-to-end automation redefine the hi-tech and professional services landscape. tensai GPT exemplifies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, propelling us toward a future where Hexaware continues to lead with ingenuity, shaping industries through the seamless integration of advanced AI capabilities.”

Harnessing Gen AI with Microsoft Azure

Integral to Hexaware’s innovation drive, tensai GPT provides a platform for employees at all levels to contribute, from ideation to implementation. Harnessing Gen AI offers a unique blend of virtual guidance and real-world support and Hexaware’s expertise can be leveraged to better benefit clients. 

As a result, customers and partners will also be able to better drive innovation and unlock true digital transformations with the power of AI. Hexaware’s existing AI and automation capabilities will also help the company to set new benchmarks with Azure OpenAI Service, developing advanced solutions that foster collaboration and transform business outcomes.

Both organisations aim to use Gen AI to build applications that can redefine user experiences, with Microsoft in particular continuing to commit to responsible AI around the world.

Mundakkal Satyajith, CTO and SVP at Hexaware, says: “tensai GPT redefines our work with its secure, user-friendly design and advanced AI functionalities. Aligned with Microsoft Azure Open AI Service’s no-data-for-training policy, it will be the ultimate conversation companion, enhancing productivity while addressing privacy concerns and reimagining human-machine interaction. 

“It highlights our commitment to lead in the generative AI-driven industry transformation, where creativity, innovation, and responsible AI come together to drive excellence.”


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