IDnow set to become first high-security AI ID tool

By Paddy Smith
IDnow has cleared EU eIDAS regulations, clearing the path for it to be used for high-security transactions...

IDnow has announced a new AI tool for validating high-security transactions.

The product, Autoldent Substantial, is the first to meet the EU eIDAS regulation at ‘substantial’, meaning it is the first fully automated tool certified for use in high-security transactions.

Autoldent Substantial can verify ID documents, perform authenticity checks, allow for agent review, undertake biometric detection and has optional capability for Advanced Electronic Signature (AES) for signing contracts.


IDnow says its new fully-automated, self-guiding offering is ‘futureproof’ and can be used for high-security protocols such as checking medical records.

Andreas Bodczek, CEO at IDnow, said, "IDnow is proud to be the only company to possess an approval for certification at this level of assurance for a fully-automated AI product. Understanding the industry and the emerging needs of our clients and prospective users, we knew what to do and harnessed our technological and regulatory leadership. This is a game-changing development as the benefits of digital identity verification become available to a much wider range of services.”


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IDnow is secure enough to use with medical records. Credit: Getty



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