Nvidia and Digital Realty: Advancing the Next Era of AI

Leading data centre company Digital Realty announces it will host Nvidia's new AI supercomputer in Copenhagen, Denmark, at an AI-ready data centre site

Multiple leading companies seeking to develop and operate artificial intelligence (AI) data centres around the world, in efforts to capitalise on and advance the next generation of AI.

In April 2024, Digital Realty announced that it has been selected to host Nvidia’s state-of-the-art supercomputer, Nvidia DGX SuperPOD, at an AI-ready data centre in Denmark.

So-described as one of the world’s most powerful AI supercomputers, Nvidia DGX SuperPOD features Nvidia’s superchips and new Blackwell GPUs. These developments are expected to deliver a much faster performance for large language model (LLM) workloads and rapidly accelerate enterprise AI.

Powering an AI evolution with an Nvidia supercomputer

The supercomputer is set to be housed in one of Digital Realty’s leading data centres in Copenhagen, which has been powered by 100% renewable energy since 2020.

Digital Realty currently has more than one gigawatt of renewable energy under contract and is one of the signatories to the EU Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact, an agreement that has seen numerous organisations commit to carbon neutrality across all European data centre sites by 2030.

This latest collaboration with Nvidia is being led by the Novo Nordisk Foundation and the Export and Investment Fund of Denmark (EIFO). It expects to grant researchers from Denmark’s public and private sectors access to the cutting-edge supercomputer, in addition to Nvidia software platforms, training and expertise. In addition, the supercomputer includes the company’s own AI Enterprise software for pretrained models, optimised frameworks and accelerated data science software libraries. 

This commitment seeks to only strengthen the relationship between Digital Realty and Nvidia, as the companies continue to collaborate to help enterprises democratise their AI infrastructure.

Likewise, it marks a significant milestone in Denmark’s AI research and innovation capabilities. Enabling this access means that researchers and experts in the country can work to drive ground-breaking discoveries and develop solutions to address global challenges in healthcare, life sciences and climate research with the power of AI.

Digital Realty already prides itself on its advanced AI-ready infrastructure and hopes to provide a stable foundation for the Nvidia supercomputer.

“Digital Realty is at the forefront of crafting the digital future, transcending mere infrastructure development to become architects of tomorrow,” says Chris Sharp, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Realty. “Our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art, AI-ready infrastructure is not just about accelerating AI adoption – it’s about pioneering the next wave of innovation. 

“We envision Digital Realty as more than a meeting place for AI; we aim to establish it as the premier nexus for private AI, where enterprises and data converge.”

The company has already committed itself to various AI initiatives, including the expansion of its Asia-Pacific data centre presence via its Apollo platform and its KIX13 data centre in Osaka, Japan, becoming its first data centre to become certified for Nvidia DGX H100.

Likewise, Nvidia is fast-becoming one of the most influential AI and chipmaking companies in the world, as it only continues to surge to success in the stock market.


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