The development and delivery of GenAI and ML solutions

Kyndryl and AWS expand strategic partnership to drive cloud-based innovation and transformation, providing customers with seamless cloud solutions

In a move to drive GenAI adoption, Kyndryl, the world's largest IT infrastructure services provider, has signed a multi-year Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

The partnership will focus on developing and delivering innovative GenAI solutions and advanced machine learning (ML) capabilities to help businesses accelerate their digital transformation journey. AWS Innovation Factory will serve as a hub for co-innovation, leveraging Kyndryl's data-driven capabilities and AWS's cloud infrastructure to help customers accelerate their cloud modernisation journey and business transformation. 

Providing customers with seamless cloud solutions

Kyndryl will strengthen its ability to design, implement, migrate, modernise, and manage AWS cloud services across complex information technology environments. This enhanced expertise will empower Kyndryl to provide customers with seamless and comprehensive cloud solutions tailored to their unique needs.

A joint focus on streamlining the modernisation of ERP systems and other applications on AWS will help customers reduce costs, complexities, and time associated with cloud migrations. As well as this, Kyndryl will leverage its existing 10,000+ AWS certifications to train thousands more specialists, ensuring that customers have access to a highly skilled workforce proficient in AWS technologies.

Nicolas Sekkaki, Kyndryl Applications, Data and AI global practice leader, says: “The expansion of our alliance with AWS fuels Kyndryl’s ability to help customers accelerate the adoption – and maximise the benefit of – generative AI solutions. The collaboration will also help Kyndryl scale its reach and ability to facilitate customers’ digital transformations on AWS through a growing variety of application modernisation options.”

The impact on customers and the industry

The expanded partnership between Kyndryl and AWS is expected to have a significant impact on customers and the industry as a whole. By combining Kyndryl's deep IT expertise with AWS's leading cloud platform, the partnership will enable customers to accelerate cloud adoption, drive business transformation, gain access to cutting-edge solutions, reduce costs, and enhance security and compliance.

“Our customers turn to AWS Partners to support them through their cloud migration journey, in optimising their IT assets to unlock future business growth and identifying how and where to leverage new technologies for maximum business impact,” says Julia Chen, Vice President of Partner Core at AWS. “We are delighted to be working with Kyndryl to help our shared customers to leverage data to derive AI insights at scale.”

Michael Wagner, MD, President and Chief Executive Officer, Care New England, highlights how given Kyndryl’s expertise and skills in supporting enterprises in their digital transformation journey, “We knew they would be the ideal AWS Partner to modernise and migrate our mission-critical workloads to AWS. This migration project is key to reducing our operations costs, strengthening our system’s data security and freeing up valuable time for our staff to focus on providing the highest quality patient care.”

The expanded partnership between Kyndryl and AWS represents a major step forward in the cloud computing landscape, providing customers with the tools, expertise, and support they need to successfully navigate their cloud journeys and achieve their business goals.


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