SingularityNET to showcase AGI robotics at AI summit

Progress through the power of AI: SingularityNET's AGI robotics are driving progress towards UN's SDGs at the 'AI for Good' Global Summit in Geneva

SingularityNET, a leading AI company, is set to gather the newest advancements in AGI robotic technologies at the highly anticipated AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland.

Taking place on July 5-6, 2023, this event aims to explore how AI can contribute to achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

SingularityNET's founder, Ben Goertzel, and COO, Janet Adams, will be accompanied by an impressive lineup of top-tech robots, including the renowned Sophia, Grace, and Desdemona. Together, they will showcase the power of benevolent AGI in driving progress across various SDG areas, such as equality, justice, well-being, and industry innovation, towards the realisation of a peaceful and inclusive society.

During the summit, SingularityNET plans to offer an array of engaging activities, including talks, panels, presentations, and captivating performances.

These will be conducted alongside other esteemed thought leaders and AI-powered robots, with a specific focus on state-of-the-art AGI solutions for SDGs.

One of the notable sessions will feature Ben Goertzel's Mainstage talk with Grace, the Healthcare robot, on the topic of "Robots that Assist and Care: Developing Socially Intelligent Robots for Good." Additionally, several discussions on ethical AI/AGI will take place, including Ben Goertzel's Mainstage talk on "Ethical AGI: The Importance of Cross-Paradigm AI" and COO Janet Adams' panel on "Ethical AI and AGI for Sustainable Development."

"The obstacles we face in achieving beneficial AGI are not merely technical but social and economic in nature."

Adding to the excitement, the robot rockstar Desdemona will grace multiple conference stages, enthralling the audience with her premier robotic performances alongside the Jam Galaxy Band.

The significance of AGI's development in effectively addressing the UN's SDGs is lucidly expressed by SingularityNET founder, Ben Goertzel: "In this era where AI is dramatically accelerating, potentially bringing us toward powerful AGI in a rapid time-frame, it is increasingly critical that we build AI right.

"By 'building AI right,' I mean establishing decentralised infrastructure, ensuring democratic control, fostering open code and algorithms, maintaining reasonably transparent internal operations, developing compassion-oriented motivational systems, and maintaining a practical orientation toward broadly beneficial applications.

"The obstacles we face in achieving beneficial AGI are not merely technical but social and economic in nature.

"This is why gatherings like the AI for Good Global Summit are so important, as they bring together diverse minds to contemplate both the risks and the tremendous opportunities that lie ahead."

SingularityNET's COO, Janet Adams, further emphasises the potential of AI as she states, "AI promises to be the fastest industrial revolution of all time, with tech visionary Jeff Bezos estimating its impact to surpass that of the mobile and internet revolutions combined. This unprecedented technological advancement will generate immense wealth.

"However, our foremost imperative is to ensure that these incredibly powerful technologies are harnessed for the greater good, serving the needs of the majority and aligning with the SDGs, including eradicating hunger and poverty.

"Through the power of decentralisation and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I), humanity has a unique opportunity to overcome barriers to technology-generated wealth, transcend our inherent biases, and create a world where every individual has the chance to thrive."

Join SingularityNET in their support of the UN's SDGs by identifying practical applications of AI, providing scalable solutions with global impact, and working towards the acceleration of progress in achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. 


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