Newly appointed AI leaders driving digital transformation

Amber Jackson highlights the latest executive appointments and departures that are set to drive innovation and business success within the AI sector
Jeff Boudreau

1. Jeff Boudreau

Job From: President & General Manager, Infrastructure Solutions Group at Dell Technologies

Job To: Chief AI Officer at Dell Technologies

“I'm honoured to take on this responsibility, ensuring that Dell remains at the forefront of AI and generative AI innovation.”

Having worked at Dell Technologies for upwards of 25 years, Jeff Boudreau was named the company’s first-ever Chief AI Officer in October 2023. He has assumed the role as the company has positioned itself to establish the groundwork for generative AI initiatives.

Boudreau has undergone many different roles during his time at Dell, from engineering to operations, services to business management. With his expertise covering strategy development and execution, cross-functional team leadership, and pioneering R&D, he is committed to delivering AI innovations that assist in amplifying value for both team members at Dell, and its customers.

Chris Meserole

2. Chris Meserole

Job From: Director, AI & Emerging Tech Initiative at The Brookings Institution

Job To: Executive Director of Frontier Model Forum

It was announced that Anthropic, Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have introduced Chris Meserole as the first Executive Director of the Frontier Model Forum to help advance research into AI safety.

With a wealth of experience in technology policy, Meserole has joined the forum with a strong background in governance and safety - particularly concerning emerging technologies and future applications.

Meserole will take on the responsibility of helping the forum accomplish its objectives in responsible AI and mitigate potential risks. This will involve identifying best safety practices for frontier models, sharing knowledge with policymakers, academics and civil society to tackle society’s challenges.

Deepika Adusumilli

3. Deepika Adusumilli

Job From: First Vice President at King

Job To: Chief Data and AI Officer at BT

With nearly two decades of experience across the US and UK, Deepika Adusumilli has built and scaled consumer digital products in large-scale industries.

Prior to joining BT, Adusumilli was First Vice-President at game developer King, known for CandyCrush. Other previous roles include leading projects at Nokia and Telefónica

Mark Daley

4. Mark Daley

Job From: Chief Digital Officer at Western University

Job To: Chief AI Officer at Western University 

Mark Daley was appointed Western University’s first-ever Chief AI Officer, as the university became the first in Canada to house such a role.

Daley’s experience includes tenure as Vice-President of Research at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, a world-renowned institute supporting AI research and Canada’s AI strategy

Randy Guard

5. Randy Guard

Job From: Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Spreedly

Job To: Chief Marketing Officer at Appian Corporation

Appian recently announced the appointment of Randy Guardas the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. 

With more than 35 years of experience in marketing, product strategy, and technology leadership, Guard will oversee the company’s global marketing efforts, focusing on delivering Appian's end-to-end process automation vision and the power of the Appian Platform

Chano Fernandez

6. Chano Fernandez

Job From: Advisor to CEO at Workday

Job To: Co-Chief Executive at Eightfold AI

Eightfold AI has announced the appointment of Chano Fernandez as its Co-Chief Executive, effective January 2024. After nine years at Workday helping to grow the company’s international presence, Fernandez will now aim to transform Eightfold AI’s HR capabilities with the company’s AI-powered talent management platform


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