Sabre partners with Google for smart retailing travel AI

By William Smith
Travel tech company Sabre Corporation has announced the first product of its partnership with Google to develop an AI-driven travel platform...

Travel tech company Sabre Corporation has announced the first product of its partnership with Google to develop an AI-driven travel platform.

Sabre, which is best known for its global distribution systems which have long served as the underlying framework for air travel bookings, operates a Travel AI platform that makes use of Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities. By analysing and predicting customer behaviour, Sabre’s platform allows travel businesses such as airlines to make the most relevant offers to customers.

Building on that, the company is preparing to release a Smart Retail Engine next year, with a focus on omni-channel retailing. The product uses AI and machine learning-based decision models to generate the most optimal offers for customers, based on real-time shopping data and available content.

In a press release, Wade Jones, chief product officer for Sabre, said: "Our proprietary technology infuses the power of Sabre Travel AI to deliver, not next-, but a third-generation of technology to the travel marketplace. By bringing together some of the brightest minds from Google and Sabre, we are accelerating the delivery of this smart and scalable retailing engine that we believe will enable customers to deliver personalized offers to their customers, better serving the needs of today's traveler, while unlocking more value per passenger boarded."

The work builds on an earlier partnership with Google Cloud signed in January 2020, with Sabre also expecting its customers to be able to integrate their systems with Travel AI, for instance by plugging-in third party databases.

"We are pleased to be working side-by-side with Sabre to bring innovative, industry-first technologies to the travel space," said Ravi Simhambhatla, Managing Director, Digital Transformation Officer – Travel & Transportation of Google Cloud. "Today's announcement, as well as Sabre Travel AI, are what we hope will be the first of many concepts generated from our partnership."


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