Amazon Prime Air

By Amber Naylor
Innovation in a world for the ultimate consumer...


In a world full of voice activation and smart technologies, the addition of unmanned aircraft systems should not seem surprising. Sounding more like an innovation from futuristic science fiction, Amazon is pushing the boundaries of automation technologies and transporting the future impossibilities into present potentiality. 

Breaking down barriers in AI development, Amazon Prime Air promises the control systems of autonomous drones, to deliver packages within 30 minutes of placing your order. Consumerism gone mad or previously believed unattainable advances in the world of delivery services? The aim is to enhance a system that is already provided to millions of their customers, using drone operations as the leading modernization for the organisation. Turning vision into reality; a modern day miracle in the world of technological advances. 

Amazon wants to create a world in which seeing a delivery drone in the sky will become as commonplace as noticing mailing trucks on the road. What does this require from Amazon - machine learning and rapidly experimenting with integrating on Prime Air modifications, utilising their next generation research labs. 

Can we expect tomorrow’s technology today? The public have yet to receive a determined date for the release of this state-of-the-art approach to purchase consumer goods, but have been continually updated with results from tested trails within the United Kingdom. Further tests are said to be taking place, expanding the area of delivery services. Wanting to continually jolt the perimeter of how technology - services and digital infrastructure - are able to make improvements within the customer experience sphere and assist in making the economics of the countries located within their operating field, more competitive on a global scale. 

Putting the system into service will become one of this decade’s most significant transformations within the AI and Technology worlds. Developing how the world as we know it operates; social normalities will be unfalteringly decided by the metamorphosis’ we witness in the very near future. The ultimate paradise for all consumers. Watch this space. 


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