Carrier: Pioneering sustainability and innovation

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Intelligent energy solutions leader Carrier combined its spirit and HVAC expertise to create Abound, a suite of solutions supporting customers’ ESG goals

Carrier, a global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions, has set ambitious goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 and reduce over one gigaton of greenhouse gases (GHGs). Carrier is also recognised by Barron’s as the eighth most admirable sustainability company globally.

Carrier’s Tim Johnson emphasises this commitment, stating: "A lot of the corporate work we're doing is tied around sustainability. Carrier just purchased Viessmann Climate Solutions to position the company as a digitally-enabled, scalable, end-to-end sustainable climate and energy solutions provider. "

In addition to M&A, since 2021 Carrier has been busy launching and evolving Abound, its suite of digital solutions for the built environment. Abound is pivotal to Carrier’s sustainability efforts, focusing on health and wellness, sustainability and asset management. 

Johnson says: "Abound helps customers improve operational efficiency and supports their efforts to attain ESG goals.”

In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Carrier is leveraging cloud technologies to enhance Abound and its other digital offerings. 

“We have a strategic collaboration agreement (SCA) with AWS, and we're building out all of our digital capabilities on AWS,” notes Johnson. 

Subir Singh, Principal Partner Manager at AWS, highlights: “Every business has an opportunity and a need to create sustainable environments. AWS sees Carrier as a leading global provider of intelligent climate and energy solutions.”

Singh continues: “AWS is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud. We are working together and pooling investments and resources – as well as ideas – to launch new solutions. We now have a strategic collaboration agreement with Carrier which allows us to co-innovate, co-market and co-sell together.”

As Carrier pioneers innovation in sustainable building solutions, its work alongside AWS amplifies the impact of its digital solutions and reflects a collective effort to shape a more sustainable, technologically advanced future.

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