Nova Scotia Health uses AI & analytics to improve healthcare

Nova Scotia Health teams with EY to seek accelerated growth in terms of digital transformation as it aims to provide better healthcare.

Provincial health authority, Nova Scotia Health, is accelerating its digital transformation with the help of EY Canada.

“We've been working with Nova Scotia Health over the last couple of years and continue to support their transformation as a leading healthcare organisation in Canada,” says Steven Maynard, EY Canada’s Government & Public Sector Consulting Leader. 

But the pandemic created a massive capacity crunch in the healthcare workforce, necessitating a deep understanding of potential gaps to ensure a sustainable system into the future. 

“That was a significant shift for us from an innovation perspective – to realise or address how we can keep providing services when the traditional mechanism of service delivery has been disrupted,” says Matthew Murphy, Senior Director, Strategy and Performance and Chief Data Officer at Nova Scotia Health.

By working with EY, Nova Scotia Health has been able to capitalise on its previously unavailable or under-utilised data assets, including the ones regarding its human capital.

“It's not about using technology to eliminate positions and lean on the workforce. It's actually about using technology to allow the workforce to do what they do, to best understand both the science and art of medicine or administration,” says Murphy.

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