Top 10: AI Companies in APAC

AI Magazine considers some of the leading AI companies in the APAC region that are committed to ensuring successful transformation within businesses

AI is already driving significant growth across the APAC region. It is working to revolutionise the sector with recommendations, remote consultations and automation. 

Countries like The People’s Republic of China for example are working to enhance their AI developments like in generative AI in order to further assist businesses. The businesses within these nations are also keen to manage technology growth to ensure that it is developed safely and responsibly.

With this in mind, AI Magazine considers some of the leading companies across the APAC region that have developed successful tools to assist business operations and facilitate greater development.

10: Kelton

Kelton’s AI solutions aim to streamline productivity, with self-teaching algorithms that harness user data to constantly become more accurate. The company has expertise in Conversational AI, Architectural Strategy, Computer Vision and builds realistic natural language processing models that ease the burden on business workforces whilst increasing efficiency.

The company builds customised solutions that combine new technologies with seamlessly integrated legacy applications to create future-focused frameworks. Its expertise in Generative AI enables the company to explore new horizons and fuel the transformation of key industries.

9: Megvii

Established in 2011, Megvii is a world-class AI company with a focus on AI for IoT applications. Headquartered in Beijing, it provides proven AIoT products and solutions targeted around three core pillars: Consumer IoT, City IoT, and Supply Chain IoT. With these solutions, Megvii delivers value for its customers and society by creating a smarter, more connected world.

Megvii’s proprietary AI productivity platform Brain ++ and open-source deep learning framework MegEngine function as a unified underlying architecture for the company’s algorithm training and model improvement processes.

8: Spec India

Key facts
  • 3000+ projects delivered
  • 40+ countries
  • 96% enterprise client retention

Spec India engages in extensive AI research and development projects for its business customers, harnessing AI development to grow business development and overcome complex challenges. 

It offers a wide range of AI services, including AI-enabled chatbots and conversational AI, AI-enabled chips, AI with big data and in conjunction with the internet of things (IoT) and quantum computing. All of these are able to offer unique technology solutions that suit individual businesses or key industries like healthcare. 

7: UBTECH Robotics

Established in 2012, UBTECH Robotics is a leading humanoid robots and smart service robots company. Its solutions are at the forefront of humanity-driven robotics that aim to dramatically improve everyday life through the support of safer and healthier environments - as well as enhancing education.

Its latest development, CADEBOT, is a multi-scenario intelligent open delivery robot that aims to seamlessly integrate into a business. From restaurants to airports, supermarkets to essential industries, CADEBOT's unparalleled manoeuvrability combined with multi-sensor solutions ensures top-notch delivery performance every time.


Key facts
  • 200+ integrated AI and data services
  • 99.4% accuracy in real-time verification
  • 100% Global ID and AML coverage
  • 4 million API calls per day

ADVANCE.AI is a leading AI company that provides digital transformation, fraud prevention and process automation solutions for enterprise clients. A leader in AI, risk management and digital lending solutions, the company currently partners with over 500 enterprise clients across banking, financial services, fintech, payment, retail and e-commerce sectors.

Headquartered in Singapore, with operations across South and Southeast Asia, Latin America and Greater China, the company is ranked first on LinkedIn’s 2021 Top Startups List in Singapore.

5: SenseTime

SenseTime is a leading AI software company focused on creating a better AI-empowered future through innovation. It is committed to advancing the state of the art in AI research, developing scalable and affordable AI software platforms that benefit businesses, people and society as a whole, while attracting top talents to shape the future together. 

The company invests in original and cutting-edge research to offer and continuously improve industry-leading AI capabilities. Its foundation model “SenseNova” is an R&D system that unlocks the ability to perform general AI tasks at low cost and with high efficiency.

4: DJI

DJI products are working to redefine industries. Professionals in industries like filmmaking, agriculture, conservation, search and rescue, energy infrastructure, all trust DJI to bring new perspectives to their work and help them accomplish feats safer, faster and with greater efficiency than ever before.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China,  DJI benefits from direct access to the suppliers, raw materials, and young, creative talent pool necessary for sustained success. The company’s AI Module is a hardware and software educational tool designed for in-classroom use at the primary and secondary school level. It aims to provide a beginner-friendly and interesting environment where students can learn about AI and development.

3: Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba provides an all-in-one cloud-native group of AI solutions for enterprises and developers. Alibaba Cloud AI and Data Intelligence is equipped with leading cloud infrastructure, data intelligence processing and AI engineering capabilities, as well as algorithms that solve problems across a range of scenarios. 

AI has enabled Alibaba to optimise its supply chain at multiple levels. By using predictive analytics, the company has improved inventory management, reduced costs and ensured that its most popular products are always available. 

In August 2023, Alibaba launched two new AI models: Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat, which the company says can understand images and carry out complex conversations.

2: Baidu

Baidu, Inc. is a Chinese multinational technology company that specialises in Internet-related services, products and AI. Headquartered in Beijing's Haidian District, it is one of the largest AI and Internet companies in the world.

The company is one of few worldwide that offers a full AI stack, encompassing an infrastructure that consists of AI chips, deep learning framework, core AI capabilities, such as natural language processing, knowledge graph, speech recognition, computer vision and augmented reality, as well as an open AI platform to facilitate wide application and use.

Powered by AI, Baidu Core provides mainly online marketing services and non-marketing value added services, as well as products and services from new AI initiatives.

1: Wipro

Wipro is an Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consultant and business process services. It is one of the leading global Big Tech companies. It uses its AI solutions to partner with organisations to help them transform into intelligent enterprises by leveraging trustworthy AI scaled across business functions, supported by actionable insights and powered by curated data.

Earlier in 2023, the company launched Wipro ai360, a comprehensive, AI-first innovation ecosystem that builds on the company’s decade-long investments in AI with the goal of integrating AI into every platform, tool and solution used internally, as well as those offered to clients. Wipro also announced that it would be investing US$1bn in AI to help businesses advance their capabilities. 


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