Deepbrain AI enter the global broadcasting industry

Deepbrain AI will supply AI human technology to China’s BMN and Qinghai marking the company’s successful entry into the global broadcasting industry

Specialising in artificial intelligence (AI), Deepbrain AI provides real-time AI and video synthesis solutions that utilise AI to quickly create realistic human-like AI models for use in customer service in industries. These industries include media, finance, commerce and education.

Recently, the company signed a contract to supply its AI Announcer Technology to the major Chinese broadcasting companies Beijing Radio & Television Station (BRTV)  and Qinghai Television. 

BRTV is a major network in charge of government-run broadcasting services for external audiences. 

Qinghai Television represents Qinghai Province, the largest province following China's autonomous regions.

"We have steadily and aggressively been engaged in sales activities in China so that we can lay the groundwork for establishing a business there, and as a result, we have managed to win contracts with China's greatest broadcasting companies. This is only the beginning—we will continue to seek more opportunities with different companies in the international market to expand as a global corporation," said Deepbrain AI CEO Eric Jang.

Deepbrain AI’s AI announcers for BRTV and  Qinghai Television

As a result of this newly signed contract is expected to provide Deepbrain AI with a wider, global stage for showcasing its AI expertise.

What is most significant about the contract with Qinghai Television is that Deepbrain AI beat out Sogou, a subsidiary of China's largest IT company Tencent, during the contract bidding period. 

Through this three-year contract, Deepbrain AI will provide an AI Announcer solution. This is with the goal of developing two AI Announcers (one male and one female) and introducing the announcers to Qinghai Television's news and lifestyle information programs.

With its one-year contract with BRTV, Deepbrain will develop an AI Announcer specifically designed for BRTV's TV news program. BRTV will further utilise the technology in its service app, Beijing Time.

Applying Deepbrain AI’s technology to different services

Deepbrain AI’s AI Announcers are artificial humans that are created based on AI Human technology, which is a type of deep-learning AI technology. 

The announcers study and learn by analysing videos and speeches by real, human announcers and are able to read new texts with the same accents, intonations, and gestures, among other things, as the human newscasters. 

Not only has Deepbrain AI demonstrated its technological prowess by applying this technology to AI Announcers but it also can apply it to AI Bank Tellers, AI Tutors, AI Show hosts, AI Kiosks, and AI Commerce services.

To learn more about the technology, watch the video below.

Deepbrain AI’s intensive expanse in China

To expand its local sales base in China, Deepbrain AI has installed branch offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. Its Chinese headquarters remain in Shanghai.

The company is also amid talks to supply its AI Bank Teller technologies to major entities in the financial sector. This includes:

  • China Minsheng Bank 
  • Bank of China 
  • Postal Savings Bank of China
  • Agricultural Bank of China Jiangxi Branch—and its AI Tax Consultant to the Shanxi Tax Office.

In addition to its recent contracts, Deepbrain AI will also be introduced as one of Korea's leading new media companies at a national broadcasting conference hosted by BRTV in October 2021.


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