Humane chooses cloud telecom Optiva BSS for AI Pin launch

The Ai Pin aims to define a new class of devices to help make AI more accessible and human-driven (Image: Humane)
Humane has chosen cloud telecoms company Optiva to deliver the launch of its new AI Pin, aiming to mark the start of a new chapter in personal technology

Humane, makers of the Humane AI Pin, has selected Optiva BSS to launch the wearable technology device.

The company has released details of how they will be providing mobile service for their devices. Humane AI Pin is the first mobile wearable device and software platform with embedded mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) connectivity. It is built to deliver personal AI and both companies have partnered to deliver on its functionality.

Having been announced in November 2023, the embedded MVNO connectivity within the pin is designed to deliver personal AI services for users.

Bringing AI to a personal level with 5G and IoT

Optiva is a leading provider of mission-critical and cloud-native revenue management software for the telecommunications industry. Its products are delivered globally both on private and public clouds and helps service providers maximise digital, 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT) and emerging market opportunities.

Humane has chosen Optiva's full-stack BSS solution to help power the billing, network integration and value-added services for its users. With the AI Pin designed to integrate seamlessly into a person’s daily routine, this collaboration aims to enable users to take the full power of AI everywhere, elevating world interactions via its capabilities.

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The Ai Pin aims to define a new class of devices to help make AI more accessible and human-driven. Optiva BSS Platform, available as cloud-native SaaS solution, will work to support personalised experiences for Ai Pin customers through its modular and unified end-to-end suite of integrations and services deployed on the public cloud. 

Additionally, Optiva’s software and its global telecom industry expertise will ultimately empower Humane to focus on its vision and deliver a simpler and more intuitive customer experience.

"The Ai Pin is our first step in building for a future where AI is embedded in our daily lives in ways which are screenless, seamless and sensing,” says Bethany Bongiorno, CEO and Co-founder of Humane. “We’re proud to work with Optiva to make this a reality, harnessing their BSS platform, telecom industry expertise and our shared passion for intelligent innovation.”

A wireless (and screenless) experience

Humane’s new Ai Pin is powered by Cosmos, which is a new operating system tailored for AI digital transformations. It has a software framework that removes the need for traditional app downloads, helping to deliver a conversational experience with the AI Pin chat function without a screen or wake words. It also does not require being paired with a smartphone or companion device. 

Cosmos aims to blend intelligent technologies with intuitive interaction and advanced security. It is designed for simplicity, as it aims to ensure the user’s digital life is effortless and feels infinitely expansive. In order to provide such a wireless service for Ai Pin, Humane is launching its own MVNO.

"From our first meeting with Humane, we were inspired to work together to bring Ai Pin to life. Optiva is proud to partner with Humane to integrate AI into daily experiences, leveraging our ability to integrate with multiple network providers globally at the scale needed for this ground-breaking innovation," says Robert Stabile, CEO of Optiva.


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