Altair: Creating a sustainable future in the connected world

AI Magazine takes a look at Altair, the global technology enabling organisations across industries to compete more effectively in the connected world

Founded in 1985, Altair is a software development company offering its customers software and cloud solutions across different areas including simulation, high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI).

In doing so, the company enables organisations from multiple industries to compete more effectively in a connected world while creating a more sustainable future. Ultimately, the company’s vision is to help enterprises make decisions leveraging the convergence of simulation, HPC, and AI.

The company believes that a critical component of its success has been the company culture, which is rooted in innovation, envisioning the future, honest and broad communication, seeking technology and business firsts and embracing diversity.

Since its founding, Altair has been helping companies digitally transform to make smarter decisions, save costs, reduce waste, accelerate time-to-market, improve business performance, and evolve to a data-driven culture.

With comprehensive, open-architecture solutions for data analytics and AI, computer-aided engineering and HPC, Altair enables design and optimisation for high-performance, innovative, and sustainable products and processes.

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Altair: driving forward businesses with data analytics and AI

The company’s data analytics and AI solutions look to enable data-driven enterprises by providing teams with the power to use data analytics and AI to gain competitive advantages and drive next-level business results.

Altair’s solutions are designed to accommodate a number of different skill sets serving data scientists, engineers, MLOps specialists, business analysts and executives. Its no-code, cloud-ready interface delivers the powerful capabilities organisations need to harness the full power of data analytics and AI throughout the complete data pipeline.

For programming languages, Altair’s code and no-code tools empower users to create, maintain and run models and programs using Python, R, SQL, and SAS languages.

Additionally, its data discovery and transformation solutions offer a fast and easy way to extract data from difficult, semi-structured data like PDFs, spreadsheets and text files, as well as from Big Data and other structured sources.

With its technological capabilities, Altair can automate preparation tasks and transform data into accurate and clean datasets in seconds. In doing so, the company frees up time for users to spend time on value-add activities, not on mundane, repetitive and error-prone tasks.

The company also supports customers with its predictive analytics and machine learning (ML) capabilities. These solutions quickly get to the granular, low-latency data that contain the insights businesses are trying to uncover. 

By delivering transparency and automation with features such as AutoML and Explainable AI, Altair streamline model building so more time can be spent analysing and results can be trusted.

For data visualisation and stream processing, Altair helps customers spot anomalies, trends and outliers in seconds with real-time data, and share results across the organisation using rich, powerful dashboards. 

Finally, Altair offers solutions that help with complex design problems through physics and AI-driven workflows, and achieve greater product innovation through collaboration and design convergence.

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LG and Altair's collaboration to accelerate digital transformation

Recently, Altair has announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding with LG Electronics to accelerate the digital transformation of product development.

"Altair has the advanced simulation, high-performance computing, and data analytics technology to support manufacturing companies as they develop products quickly and efficiently," said Sam Mahalingam, Chief Technology Officer at Altair. 

"Through this cooperation with LG, we will develop a powerful and reliable technological foundation that will enhance LG's competitiveness,” he added.

The pair will promote research and development and the construction of a simulation platform. Altair and LG will share information in priority fields of research, including computer-aided engineering (CAE), data analytics and automation.


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