ServiceNow on how low code will transform the way we work

ServiceNow’s Creator Workflows low code App Engine development platform allows companies to build apps and workflows quickly, seamless and cost effectively

Gregg Aldana, Global Area Vice President for Creator Workflows Solution Consulting at ServiceNow, explains how the company’s low-code platform helps clients to build apps and automate workflows quickly and cost effectively. This frees up time for professional developers to focus on strategically complex initiatives, while non-technical ‘citizen developers’ are given the opportunity to get involved with building new apps.

It’s something that would never have happened 10 or 20 years ago, creating a broader diversity of talent within organisations. “Process optimisation and automation, including citizen driven low-code app dev, is going to become very ubiquitous and it's going to become a regular skill set that every person working in society has by the end of the decade,” Aldana predicts.

“At ServiceNow, we make the world work better for everyone. Whether you're using ServiceNow to automate standard business processes or using ServiceNow to connect different systems of record, ServiceNow is really putting people first and making work more enjoyable and making working easier and making companies be able to do more with less.

“We spend most of our lives at work, and we want those experiences to be as positive as possible. ServiceNow's mission is to make that world of work better for both customers and employees in the 21st century.”

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