Leadership in a Time of Crisis | Survive and Thrive

By Kayleigh Shooter

 Lakshmanan Chidambaram, President, Tech Mahindra, and Edward Roussel – CIO, Dow Jones & The Wall Street Journal talk about Leadership during the crisis and how businesses are working their way through the biggest post-war downturn. When faced with uncertainty, people look to leadership for information, reassurance, and guidance. Faced with a global pandemic, a wide range of leaders are stepping up to fill those roles in different ways. Leadership in an uncertain, fast-moving crisis means making oneself available to feel what it is like to be in another’s shoes — to lead with empathy. Perhaps in the coming weeks, the unfortunate scale of this pandemic will make empathy easier for many leaders. As a leader of leaders, we are navigating new and ever-changing priorities with limited time to react. In the end, every leader is responsible for his or her own choices, and leaders, at all levels, will have to make tough decisions that have consequences. What leaders need is courage, including the courage to prioritize. [1:00] Intro of Lakshmanan Chidambaram [2:10] How Tech Mahindra faring through this crisis [5:00] As we emerge from this downside, what are the fundamental shifts happened in Tech Mahindra? [7:05] How are organizations excelling in fields of Artificial intelligence and Automation, during the pandemic? [9:30] What’s your view on how American companies adopt to WHF and how you see the trend going? [11:50] Your views on travel and how significant it is to do personal meets? [12:50] How do you engage your team to be more nimble and adaptable virtually? [14:05] How to listen to your new customers better and understand their needs, in these changing times? [14:40] Tech Mahindra's interest in growing fields like E-commerce? [16:40] How do you adapt yourself to this crisis? [19:00] Recent experience and learning from your recent LinkedIn Video which became viral. [21:30] Explain more about Everyone being a leader? [23:55] How do we reward being in a purpose-driven organization? [25:05] What’s your view about a post-COVID economic recovery? [30:10] Audience Question: How do you manage dissatisfied customers? [33:30] Audience Question: How should teams work in the current environment? 


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