E.ON Next: Customer-Centric Approach Drives Business Success

Energy startup E.ON Next is revolutionising customer experience and sustainability in the UK with its innovative and customer-focused approach

The energy sector today is navigating tough challenges. Fuel shortages and record prices have resulted in a global energy crisis driving up bills for consumers and businesses, while energy suppliers are under greater pressure than ever to consider sustainable energy to meet customer needs. 

According to McKinsey, customer expectations are also on the rise, informed by customer experience (CX) leaders in other industries like Amazon, Uber and digitally native companies: all of which offer seamless and personalised experiences.

Amid these challenges, energy suppliers must think differently. E.ON Next, a startup company from the main E.ON Group, was founded with the aim to challenge and innovate the energy space in the United Kingdom.

As Abdul Khaled, the company’s Head of Digital and Customer Experience, explains, E.ON Next was built from the ground up with new direction, leadership and culture, embracing a startup mentality to get closer to customers.

A core principle of E.ON Next, he says, is the mantra of customer-centricity and breaking the barriers between departments and functions. Becoming one organisation working towards a common goal can lead to business success.


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