GFT’s data platform modernisation accelerates the AI journey

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David Tuppen, GFT’s Head of Data and AI, discusses strategic technology alliances, Gen AI and helping customers to accelerate their AI journey

GFT is a global technology service provider, with strong expertise in the banking, insurance and financial services sectors. It has more than 10,000 employees worldwide, including the UK, Poland, Spain, Canada, Germany, the USA, Vietnam, Brazil and many other countries. GFT focuses on local client engagement combined with nearshore delivery, with teams just 1 or 2 time zones away.

“I would say that our differentiator is that we pride ourselves as being precision engineers across a multitude of domains. It is cloud computing, neobank services, mainframe modernisation with a strong focus on AI,” explains David Tuppen, GFT’s Head of Data and AI.

Tuppen and GFT’s data team are developing the GFT AI.DA marketplace that can support and accelerate GFT's clients’ journeys utilising AI.

“GFT is maturing the AI landscape for entry. Many organisations are focusing on their investments into AI,” he shares.

Specifically, GFT is doing something a little different - GFT has been putting a lot of emphasis on the AI and Data marketplace, that allows clients to see AI use cases, AI and data journeys through to the design of a modern data platform. 

“We firmly believe that there's a direct connection between AI outcomes and the data that goes with it,” says Tuppen. 

Here, he tells us more.

Read the full story HERE.

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